Incarcerator Adjustable Hinged Soft Silicone Chastity Cage

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Part of being a great submissive slave is fully commiting to your master. How will your owner be able to trust you without this Incarcerator chastity device? Even if you have absolutely no individual thoughts, who knows? Have you untrustworthy cock locked up in this adjustable silicone cage, completely ridding your mistress/master of any concerns?

The hinged ring itself is adjustable going from 45mm to 52mm. These sizings give you no excuse to escape your chastity cage, stay locked up for as long as any dominating party says to stay locked up for. The device itself is made up of soft silicone, giving a comfortable feel to it. You have two choices in terms of cage size, so now you really have no reason to not give it a try. Everyone already knows you’re mentally theirs, there’s no point in not being physically theirs either.

Be locked up, submit fully. You know you’re just a slut waiting to be completely broken. Why try to prolong the inevitable? Use this open-hinged chastity cage to show your partner you’re willing to be theirs and theirs only. Once you come to like the chastity lifestyle, you’ll never go back. Huh? You don’t want to? Give it a try at least. You can’t even justify not trying it, don’t let yourself be yours again, your brain is just a little too weak for that. Admit it, sweetheart.

You’ll never make your partner worry again, give them the key to any padlock you put on this to show you’ll never need to be trained again.

Color: Transparent, Black
Cage: Silicone
Hinged Ring: Plastic
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Please see pictures.
Ring size (Inner diameter):
Can be adjusted to 45/48/52mm
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 hinged ring
1 brass padlock

1 review for Incarcerator Adjustable Hinged Soft Silicone Chastity Cage

  1. Lambert

    Beautiful but too small

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