3D Printed Innie Chastity Cage

(9 customer reviews)


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If you thought that you’ll never find a chastity device for your tiny dick, we’re sorry but you were wrong. Say hello to our super short 3D printed innie chastity cage which is here to put your pathetic thing in its place. lt’s ideal for the tiniest of dicks and irrespective of the size of your penis, you just can’t get a hard-on while locked in it.

The lightweight penis restraint cage is very suitable for long term enforced chastity practice, as well as your perfect companion in a BDSM or a dungeon torture scenario. The Mistress/Master will enjoy its ultra compact design and the strong sliding lock that can’t be meddled with. Made of the high grade of nylon resin, it’s totally safe for the skin. Its opening at the tip end allows urination without having to be removed. The inbuilt hidden lock made of pure brass can only be opened by its 2 keys, which entails complete denial of orgasm for the sissy slave, while the dominant has total control.

Once the so-called manhood of the sissy bitch gets locked inside this extra short birdcage, he’s at the mercy of the Mistress/Master. He’ll always have to beg on all fours and please his dominant for a release. The wider ring design ensures that your sissy slut more stable and comfort in the prison cell. Its small size makes it easy to wear in public without being noticed as it gets hidden in the pants.

The base rings are available in various diameters ranging from 38-52mm, its cage is even under the going inside the ring, which is why it’s next to impossible for the caged men to get an erection. The ultra small chastity cage is a great means for not only denial and control but also torture and punishment. If the sissy maid is aroused by the dominant through seductive actions, the cage will block it as his cock tries to get hard.

Get this ultimate micro cock cage to lock up that pathetic sissy dick as it doesn’t deserve to be in the open. Purchase today and explore the amazing chastity bondage world!


Color: Black
Material: Nylon Resin
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
   Plus:see details in pictures
   Minus:see details in pictures
Ring size (Inner diameter):
   38mm (1.50in)
   43mm (1.69in)
   48mm (1.89in)
   52mm (2.05in)
Package includes:
   1 cage; a set of rings;
   1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

Please note that the cage and rings fit with each other tightly after 3D printing, which is designed for better wearing experience. The locking will go smoothly after several times.

9 reviews for 3D Printed Innie Chastity Cage

  1. Scott

    Very comfortable, the material is also very good.

  2. Christopher

    way to small for my junk. but wish it would of worked great product

  3. Jose

    nice comfortable cage. but broke a week after putting it on.

  4. Will

    I am satisfied, thank you very much!

  5. Holden

    Corresponds to the description, good quality.

  6. Danny

    Super short, just what I wanted.

  7. Rubin

    tried a couple of 3d printed ones and worried the pin inserts are going to break easily. also not as easy to get on and off as the metal ones.

  8. Henry

    Nice item – very light and very comfortable to wear 🙂

  9. Johnny

    It’s extremely comfy and even its small size, especiallly the rings, I can use it for hours.

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