Stainless Steel Permanent Male Chastity Restraints Cage

(15 customer reviews)


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We proudly present our Permanent Male Chastity Restraints Cage for your long term chastity life, also for those kinky nights when you want to add some extra fun in your vanilla sex as well as for the experienced BDSM lovers.

This cock cage is manufactured using the safest and best grade of stainless steel through latest processes, making it 100% safe for the delicate crotch area. It’s very lightweight and ventilate, you can wear this cage for days, weeks or even months comfortably. Denying the orgasm, it’s one of the amazing prisons for your locked man in permanent chastity.

Its slotted design gives you the complete freedom to tease, punish his worthless locked up dick by the use of sharp edges, nails, hot wax, electric shocks or hot/cold temperature. Your caged man is helpless with his prick totally vulnerable to all types of chastity torture, which puts him in his right place for the rest of his pitiful existence.

Once he has got his manhood locked up inside this ultimate cock jail, the key holder has full control over him and he’ll do whatever it takes to please the dominant. The cage encases the penis and gets locked with the testicle ring through an inbuilt sliding brass lock, which can only be opened with one its 2 keys.

There’s a pee-hole provided at the tip of the cage which can even be used to insert a catheter (not part of the package) to add more spice and pain to the scene.

The ring is available in 3 different sizes, which entails that any size of the scrotum can be pushed through it. The material of the sleek bondage device is 100% safe for all types of skins and it is very simple to clean. Just remove it, wash it warm water and a mild soap; you may even boil it (although it’s not essential), if you want.

Enjoy complete control as your sissy slave continuously begs you for a release, while you have multiple orgasms. Don’t be hesitated to purchase the Permanent Male Chastity Restraints Cage today, while it’s still available as the stocks are depleting fast.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Short: 33x45mm (1.30×1.77in)
Long: 33x58mm (1.30×2.28in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring; 1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

15 reviews for Stainless Steel Permanent Male Chastity Restraints Cage

  1. Eric

    It is easy to put on. Great fit for newbie.

  2. Colin

    Superb craftsmanship, very easy to put on, perfect for long-term wear over several weeks. It’s completely inconspicuous under regular clothing, making it ideal for 24/7 enthusiasts.

  3. William

    Very heavy but very comfortable to wear.

  4. Victor

    A little smaller than the plastic one.. Otherwise quite good.

  5. Roger

    Very cool, convenient, all as in the description, excellent goods, came in a box

  6. Jakab

    Gyors szállítás. Diszkrét csomagolás.

  7. Marvin

    Cool belt, already in it! Before that, I used plastic, it was not very comfortable, I hit the scrotum. I advise all cookies!

  8. Halyn

    Good product with good finish.

  9. David

    The order came in 13 days, which for me very quickly! Dimensions, Cage and Ring all matched, sits like a glove. The goods are very satisfied!

  10. Harvey

    Super a little trouble putting it but lock it up

  11. Emma

    I keep my boyfriend locked in one of these permanently 24/7, for weeks or months at a time, depending on how good he is. Very easy to use and to lock him up. Love the way I can tease his pathetic cock while he is caged

  12. Thomas

    It’s just like publication, good material looks comfortable. Pitifully I don’t stay even buy a bigger ring, it’s hard to pass the testicles through such a small place. It’s for small testicles.

  13. Kenneth

    Very heavy but very comfortable to wear.

  14. Mackay

    The toy is good, but I made a mistake with the size (it was necessary to take less). As for games in a couple-generally ideal (but only if you are both those perverts))

  15. Billy

    The metal is very smooth and pleasant, much better than plastic. However, invisible locks are not very reliable, some can be removed without a key. I advise models with a hinged lock.

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