Small Dick Lock Spiked Chastity Cage With Urethral Catheter Sissy Trainging Toy

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Whimper with excitement and allow yourself to become engrossed in a heated submission with this ultra small chastity device. Allowing you the denial and torment of not being able to sissygasm, but increasing the sex drive and focus all for your pleasure. Perfect for the horny little slut that needs to be punished and doesn’t even deserve the standard size cage. Our Small Dick Lock spiked chastity cage is only 1.38 inches long and is definitely one of the tiniest and saddest chastity devices on the market!

If you can even find your worthless and pathetic cock and balls, you just need to pull them through the ring and insert the catheter into your urethra. Your tiny penis will slide right into this cool bondage toy. When you’re finished, give the key to your Mistress or Master! who obviously knows what is best for you. (We apologize, but no microscopes will be included with this purchase. However, there is a perfectly crafted removable 100mm urethral catheter plus a spiked ring to put that tingle in your disgraceful cock. )

This BDSM cock cage is extra easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the pieces and wash with warm, soapy water. Gently pat dry afterwards. But be ready to lock up your pitiful dick again and insert the tube back into your urethra to please your Master. Don’t even THINK about that sweet release without the permission you so pleadingly want to receive. You’ll only get to experience the delightful torture as the tube deep in your dick burns continuously because of your chastity. Desperate as you wiggle in excitement and beg on your hands and knees for your Master to release you and let you have your undeserving orgasm.

Don’t hesitate! Place this order to begin your treacherous journey of being dominated by your Master right now!! Our Small Dick Lock spiked chastity cage is just the perfect fit for your tiny cock. So what are you waiting for!? Oh, that’s right… 🙂


Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel + Food-grade Silicone
Cage size (Inner diameter x Tube length):
   33x30mm (1.30×1.18in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
   40mm (1.57in)
   45mm (1.77in)
   50mm (1.97in)
Urethral sound size (Diameter x Length):
   6x85mm (0.24×3.35in)
Package includes:
   1 cage; 1 ring; 1 brass sliding lock
   1 silicone urethral sound; 1 spiked ring

13 reviews for Small Dick Lock Spiked Chastity Cage With Urethral Catheter Sissy Trainging Toy

  1. Brian

    The item is exactly as described and pretty restraining! I really like it a lot, it IS pretty small. I recommend to rather use a ring which is not too tight (I have the 50mm one).

  2. Frank

    nice cage. the tube is a bit to big. but will work. love it

  3. Joseph

    Packaging anonymous in a box and two bags delivery was 10 days so everything is super! The belt itself sits very well I wear 2 weeks without taking off the catheter normal I do not know why they say that it is big but in my 12 centimeter urinth everything everything was But it passed I chose the smallest ring for myself and the cage I think it’s what you need real sissy!

  4. Luis

    The chastity device is most arrived and exactly as offered. Unfortunately I had device some reworking, because the lock lies after insertion and seal off not remove again. But with the right tools was the quickly done.

  5. Henry

    Finishes a little coarse especially in the welds.

  6. Wesley

    Best seller for chastity cages! Ordered a couple different cages from this seller and all were from a decent quality. Every order comes in a little brown cardboard box and the cage is sealed in a plastic bag also. This one was perfect again and perfect fit. I recommend this seller!

  7. Philip

    Good fit and high quality. Fits easily and looks great.

  8. Charles

    what can i say, cage as on pics and in the description. Fits well and lock works good too. Packaging was also pretty good, came in plain cardboard box with no stickers indicating what’s inside.

  9. Richard

    it’s a relaiable piece. Exactly like the pic.

  10. Daniel

    Wonderful goods. I recommend the goods and the seller. Now my lower boy in punishment is well closed)

  11. Jorgensen

    It came on time in an anonymous package in postomat, 50 bollevat at 13 cm, the catheter is so big I’m afraid to use it) probably need to prepare.

  12. Dexter

    Very comfortable cage. You can wear it for a long time without taking off. The tube is very thick for me, it hurts to insert, I could not. In standing condition, I have a penis length of 16 cm, thickness 4 cm. In bed is much smaller, maybe 5 cm by 2 cm. For convenience, you can tie a rope around the belt.

  13. Norris

    Looks solid and made as it should. I like the weight of it so I think my bf will also be pleased. The lock is good, the spikes are partly sharp so they won’t be too dangerous. The sound is long so for now I’ll leave it like this but maybe later shorten it. Just the ring size was too small for me, so I’m ordering a new one of 50mm

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