New Holy Trainer V4 Sissy Chastity Cage Resin Male Chastity Belt

(28 customer reviews)


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Do you feel that the ugly piece of meat dangling between your legs is not worth any freedom? If you’re looking for something graceful to cover your shameful penis, it’s the right time, our new Holy Trainer V4 sissy chastity cage is here to meet your requirements. Its seductive, smooth and shiny looks are adequate to provoke your dominant partner. Dress up in your favorite maid’s costume, a revealing lingerie or fishnet stockings with high heels and put your filthy dick in this cock cage to complete your attire.

Your shrimpy dick will get completely covered inside this artistic cage and get hidden away from sight for good. The size of the holytrainer is so small that even your baby dick can’t get an erection while it’s locked in. The sissy bondage toy has big holes on both sides for perfect ventilation and a wider labia shaped slit at the tip to allow you to urinate smoothly without having to even look at your pathetic dickling.

Once your cock is locked inside this cage, then you’ve given all your control to the key-holder. Your mistress/master will love to humiliate and degrade you to the levels that you truly deserve. Your total submission and impotence gives your dominant a great turn-on.

The holytrainer comes with 4 rings of different sizes from 36mm to 50mm, to accommodate any size of your sissy balls. Certainly you can wear it comfortably for long term. If your scrotum is oversized, don’t worry, we offer 55mm extra large ring available. You can order it separately. Made of bioresin, it’s very safe, extremely easy to use and simple to clean; just wash it with soap and water or disinfect by wiping with alcohol.

Order the latest version Holy Trainer V4 sissy chastity cage today for yourself and bring your true nature out in public. Wear it with pride and face the utmost humiliation from the dominant.


Color: Pink, Black, Transparent
Material: Bioresin
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
   See details in pictures.
Ring size (Inner diameter):
   36mm (1.42in)
   40mm (1.57in)
   45mm (1.77in)
   50mm (1.97in)
   55mm (2.17in)
Package includes:
   1 cage; 4 or 5 different size rings;
   1 brass sliding lock+2 keys


Customer Questions & Answers

Q: Will the resin melt or degrade if silicone lubricant touches it? Will this be safe to use if silicone lubricant gets on it?
A: Yes, it’s safe to use silicone lubricant.

Q: How if the cage stuck, cannot be inserted into the slot of the base ring?
A: Please soak the ring in hot water for 1 minute. After the resin material softens, insert the cage into the ring slot and adjust the size. The ring’s size will be fixed after it’s cooled.

28 reviews for New Holy Trainer V4 Sissy Chastity Cage Resin Male Chastity Belt

  1. Carlos

    Great product! Especially compared to price, will ask another slightly higher for extra comfort.

  2. Scott

    It arrived earlier than expected, the finish is clean and the packaging is completely discreet. The edges are a little sharp, but that’s easy to fix. My dieces.

  3. Brandon

    Needed a little sanding of some rough edges and a little smaller than expected but otherwise very comfortable

  4. Marlin

    Before that, I used the St 6000, this device is at times better, more convenient, not flimsy plastic thick not rough, I advise any hanging locks!

  5. Alysha

    Excellent goods, came quickly. Took the size of Nano, it is very tight. Felt comfortable, keeps and fixes reliably. The plastic is thick, the penis inside does not feel anything — only a good vibrator breaks through. For sabissiva fit perfectly.

  6. Jeffrey

    Fantastic for beginners and people who are interested in trying out a chastity cage. The plastic of the cage itself is nice and smooth inside and outside. Comes with 4 differently sized rings which is what makes it great for testing out the best size that fits you so you know what size rings to get if you decide to try other cages.

  7. Richard

    This product is as advertised, although much smaller then I thought. If I had to buy again it would be the Maxi.

  8. Louis

    The quality is good, I just had to sand it a little, it also hides pretty well, the only thing is I had a little trouble putting it in, the member measures me between 17 and 18 cm erect and up to 4 or 5 cm flaccid, But still with those and the big ring cost him a little to stick the nuts and the member in, but fine

  9. Alighiero

    arrivato nei tempi previsti… tutto come descrizione

  10. James

    The material is pleasant, there are small roughness on the rings, it is convenient to wear, it does not interfere. The goods are satisfied.

  11. Walter

    My member is 18 cm erect and yet I enter this small cage, the feeling is incredible, I recommend it.

  12. Julius

    I liked the quality. Does not stink, made kind of. I took the size of the standard. the biggest ring with the tension is dressed, but the cock in the case did not fit, although I do not have a huge… Sorry-sadness

  13. David

    Arrived quickly soft to the pleasant touch worn I will order another smaller for my husband

  14. Ryan

    Great quality. Fast shipping. Everything well packed in individual plastic bags. Worth the money to order. Great seller.

  15. Titus

    I thought I ordered too small. However, it was in size. The material is pleasant, it sits well, the rings are comfortable to the selection. 3 flaw: 1) critical: the ledge on the ring has very sharp corners. So putting on or taking off the belt is quite uncomfortable and painful 2) the material from which the belt is not takuzh well Passes Vibration 3) very quickly heats up with weak vibrations from the Magic Stick

  16. Arthur

    Great chastity cage – so comfortable I’ve been wearing it for over a week now and my penis seems to have adapted to its new restricted size. I probably don’t need all of my other cages now as this one is brilliant.

  17. Mario

    He probado todo los tamaños, y está luce perfecta a disfrutar de los orgasmos anales

  18. Robert

    I always wanted to try out a Holy Trainer. Now I can.

  19. Benjamin

    I’ve actually been using the HT-V4 for 3 months now, typically wearing for more than 12 hours a day, and it has held up incredibly well, it works the same as the day I bought it. I bought this one because I wanted to try to fit into the smallest size (last one was size nano). This one fits, it is quite snug, but that’s obviously to be expected. One thing to note if you’re used to a certain size ring – when using the nub, rings that would normally fit my body on my nano size are too small with the nub. Be prepared to bump the ring size up a step for this one, or it will be a very tight grip — maybe you’re into that though 🙂 One thing for new buyers, regardless of which size you buy: you’ll need sandpaper! The corner edges on the ring are very sharp and pointy. It’ll take a few minutes, but it’s an absolute must. Final thought, a size in between the nub and the nano would be awesome, would buy that instantly. Shipping to US was ~2 weeks

  20. Barton

    Great chastity device, seems very comfortable so far and my wife is enjoying me being locked up in it.

  21. Pickett

    I liked the quality. Does not stink, made kind of. I took the size of the standard. the biggest ring with the tension is dressed, but the cock in the case did not fit, although I do not have a huge… Sorry-sadness

  22. Leonard

    The product fully corresponds to the description, the fastest delivery 3.1 order 14.1 receipt in Compton. The size standard is clearly suitable for an average of 15 cm. Material quality is good. The quality of delivery packaging is generally above all praise.

  23. Frederick

    Some sharp edges but after having softened them, very comfortable and nice to wear

  24. Nolan

    I’ve been using the standard,now locked in a nano.. it fits well.i recommend. misses says she’ll maybe unlock me ina week

  25. Gregorio

    Excellent belt, pink color cool. It is better to dress using a cream to make it easier. One minus-slightly stands out from under clothes, otherwise everything is fine

  26. Jose

    Everything is super. Without conditionally it is more convenient than all that I tried. It almost does not feel.Perfect thank you so much a perfect fit Clitty is so happy in its new home Madam is very pleased.

  27. Jason

    Have the Maxi in black, excited to try the standard. 50mm ring is best for me. 7.5-10cm soft, 18 hard for those asking about fit. Like others have said you need to sand the edges on the ring. standard fit just as well as the Maxi, now I’ve ordered all the way to the nano. excited to try them out with the wife, just introduced her to chastity and she’s enjoying it. the clear is fun for voyeurism, the black is very masculine. Have fun

  28. Cruz Vasquez

    The best size because there is enough room to put it on and after that very effectively limits the lengthening and the enlargement. Comfortable and much better than the standard size. In short: perfect.

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