The Shuttle Curved Chastity Cage

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Clamping down on your to-be-useless cock is a crude and unforgiving affair. Locked in tight—no escape—your cock will remain supple and soft. There’s no point in even attempting to struggle against its confines. Such is the nature of a quality cock cage. However, while emasculating and lewd, it is a tool to tease and titillate, not to torture. Something that most cheap cages tend to forget. So, knowing how your cock aches for that restricting embrace, this shuttle shaped chastity cage is waiting for you, assuring the feminizing satisfaction you need and the comfort you deserve.

It’s made of high quality polycarbonate(PC) , which is a kind of super sturdy and lightweight material. Compared to metal cages, it’s a feather’s touch to wear, all while retaining the rigidity you need to keep your cock locked down. Further showing a dedication to satisfying wear are the series of openings all across its surface, letting everything breathe without compromising the cock’s security. These openings also allow a clean and effortless use of bathrooms, leaving no residue to be cleaned.

This cage doesn’t discriminate on size, either. No girth is safe thanks to its base rings in the package, coming in sizes of 40, 43, 48, and 52mm, ensuring a snug fit for every sissy’s dream.

The actual cage section that’ll have the pleasure of turning your dick into a pretty little nub too comes in two different styles. Style A is the shell of choice for the endowed, providing more depth for all those yummy inches to curl into. Meanwhile, Style B is designed with smaller dicks in mind, pinching your manhood into the petite bud it’s always meant to be.

Get your favourite shuttle chastity cage today! Whichever style you choose, whichever ring you slide on, don’t let your cock be denied its destiny because of other thoughtless manufacturers. This cage sees that you deserve nothing less than a quality prison, where you can breathe easy, secure in the knowledge that there’s nowhere for your cock to go.

Color: Black
Cage: Polycarbonate(PC)
Rings: Resin
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Please see picture.
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
43mm (1.69in)
48mm (1.89in)
52mm (2.04in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 4 different size rings;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

2 reviews for The Shuttle Curved Chastity Cage

  1. Eric

    Goods as described, very fast shipping, top!

  2. Gene

    love it! Quite comfortable and comes with 4 rings. The cage itself is really snug and quite comfortable once you got it in place.

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