Adjustable Metal Hinged Chastity Device For Beginners

(8 customer reviews)


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The best way to keep your sissy boy under constant control and check is to keep him in lock. A chastity cage that’s always there hanging on his pathetic dick to remind him his position in life is the ultimate gift for your sissy bitch. Our ultra-sleek yet sturdy adjustable metal cage is a perfect jailhouse for that ugly thing hanging between his legs, especially for your inexperienced sissy slave if he has just enter the chastity training.

The cage comes with a specially designed handcuff-style hinged ring to accommodate different sizes, adjustable from 38mm up to max diameter 50mm. You only need to open the hinge, put it on his scrotum base, then close it, done. The 3 spacers included in the package can be used for adjusting the distance between the cage and the hinged ring, which can easily help him to find his best size.

This cock cage will not only nudge him but also stimulate his submissive side to always be your loyal slave. The weight hanging around his manhood will make him more obedient as each day passes.

The wonderful restraint toy is an absolute assurance of complete control over his orgasms. It’s the best device if you intend to tease him as he can’t get any kind of erection at all. His worthless dick doesn’t deserve to be touched and felt, so the key holder can relax that he won’t be able to have any fun without permission.

The adjustable chastity device has a padlock which can’t be opened without its key. The heavy steel and completely covered cage will always keep him in check. If you think the padlock is still not secure 100%, add a Prince Albert piercing to his glans. The additional holes on both sides of the cage head are just for it, and providing ventilation as well.

It’s very temperature sensitive and allows you to tease him with ice as well as fire. The key holder can take the sissy to his limits of punishments with limitless imagination. The hot and cold temperature variations push all the sexually stimulative buttons for an ultimate enjoyment.

So, don’t wait and lock your sissy bitch in our adjustable metal chastity cage at the earliest. Tease him to unthinkable limits, till he’s totally at your mercy. It’s the best chastity device that’s ever been made and is great fun in CBT and BDSM action.

Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
32x60mm (1.25×2.36in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
Hinged and adjustable
Max diameter: up to 50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 adjustable hinged ring
Locking pins and spacers
1 brass padlock+2 keys

8 reviews for Adjustable Metal Hinged Chastity Device For Beginners

  1. Stanley

    Joints terminals skin, attention!

  2. Thomas

    Very nice. Very pleasant for those who love the feeling of being a prisoner of his master. Nice workmanship.

  3. Joseph

    Very successful execution, if there is hair, can get into the mechanism, better without them

  4. Milton

    great cage, definitely does it’s job and then some

  5. Brian

    Everything is ok. Thank you!

  6. Mark

    With many adjustable size lengths, this is very adjustable except it’s heavy but that’s ok for my mistress. It comes in discrete shipping and I would recommend.

  7. Richard

    The ring portion is a cuff type locking setup. It works great, but you have to watch out for pinching. The tube install you have to do the same thing. Have not worn it long term, but great for short term fun.

  8. Timothy

    The biggest problem with this device is their weight. I think it’s too heavy and pulls down your cock. But to be honest – it’s thoughtful chastity because you can adjust sizes as you need – light or tight. To be perfect, it has to be lighter.

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