Sissy Princess Resin Chastity Cage

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At all times, keep your cock in line. Deny its pleasures and impede its swell. Do it with fashion and grace. That can be done only through the careful use of this exquisite male chastity device. A cage for the sissies among us who want to deny their cravings, letting their love for useless softness blossom. Curbing your manhood’s natural urges, this will be your new best friend.

Nylon resin can provide this heart-stopping sizzle—capturing, in rounded contours, the essence of a sissy’s inner femininity—without the painful pinch of metal. You’d be hard-pressed to find a feature not customizable to your needs. If your girth desires pinch or thirst for the squish of a nub, a simple change to the sizing is all you need. Though big or small, the design prizes its comfort, with many slots and holes for ventilation. Even for those more fashionably inclined, a plethora of colors can also offer that sweet touch of whimsy delight your gut is craving.

Simply elegant, this cage will help bring your soft, girlish side out of hiding, regardless of your size or preference. Nothing can be feminine than knowing that you have been secured inside it like the precious princesses we know you are. Pray that your lover can be the knight to kiss it better.

Color: Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, White
Material: Nylon Resin
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Please see picture.
Ring size (Inner diameter):
43mm (1.69in)
46mm (1.81in)
49mm (1.93in)
51mm (2.01in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 4 different size rings;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

8 reviews for Sissy Princess Resin Chastity Cage

  1. Harold

    Good article, the ring is well processed but unfortunately it has a little play between ring and cage.

  2. Mario

    Looks great and feels even better. I can’t wait to earn my release!

  3. Daniel

    Product is clean and sturdy, the arc ring option feels a little loose however, normal ring might be better.

  4. Kim

    Very nice quality ja finishing. Just what I ordered.

  5. Nathanael

    I have purchased 6 different chastity cages over the years. This is by far the best. It fits perfectly. There is no wiggle or pinching from the ring/cage connection. I highly recommend.

  6. Josef

    Great quality and fits great.

  7. Perez

    The cage is perfect! It fits snug but not tight, plenty of ring option, and great durable quality while also being lightweight!

  8. Wilbert

    The quality of the item is durable, does not weigh excessively, matches what is described, the customer service fabulous. perfectly meets my expectations, I have been locked in the cage for two months and without pinches, my wife and I are delighted.

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