Classical Male Steel Chastity Cage With Brass Padlock

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Whether you’re new to slave-dominant relation or a veteran in the BDSM scenario, our Classical Male Steel Chastity Cage will intrigue you alike. The cock cage is made of the high quality steel that’s not just safe for the skin, but also strong and sturdy. It’s an ideal companion for a dungeon torture scene as well as for complete long-term denial. The opening design at the tip of the cage allows the locked sissy bitch to urinate and clean. These holes along with the openings between the bars are wonderful for ventilation and abuse of the sissy slut’s cock by the mistress/master.

The sleek design makes it light enough for the sissy to wear it for weeks, months or permanent. Whereas, the dominant gets sufficient access to your pathetic locked prick to inflict any punishment, you can never get an erection while your dick is locked inside this sexy toy. Its cage length for the shaft is 2.76inches, available for most sizes of penis, and extremely easy to clean due to the simplicity of its design.

The ergonomic base ring also comes in 3 sizes to accommodate different sizes of balls. Once the ring is tightly locked, the slave can never have any arousal without the permission of the dominant. This not only means extreme tease and denial but also makes the sissy increasingly more submissive with the passage of each day.

Although coming with lightweight design, the cock restraint toy is still heavy enough to keep your chastity slave reminded of his inferiority in life. In your presence, he’ll always be on his knees or on all fours as per your wish. This is a perfect gift for both of you in ‘slave-dominant’ relation.

Order it now! Start off enjoying the experience of extreme tease and denial with our Classical Male Steel Chastity Cage.

Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
35x70mm (1.38×2.76in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring; 1 brass padlock+2 keys

5 reviews for Classical Male Steel Chastity Cage With Brass Padlock

  1. Noah

    This is the first ever chastity I have used and I find it to be comfortable and well made. I am 6 in and the cage did require a bit of getting used to but it was not a problem after about 3 uses. From my experience I’d say only use it for about 2 hours as I experienced a bit of swelling (though that’s expected, really). It is not noisy, it is barely noticeable even in gym shorts unless you really look and it has a better quality than I expected.

  2. Alexander

    This cage came with all pieces advertised. Very smooth metal, with a good weight to it, which I enjoy. I’ve used 2 other cages before, and while this one is the most comfortable and discreet to wear under clothes in public.

  3. Roosevelt

    The weight of it was a little unsettling but not uncomfortable at all, it was almost pleasant. (I think I just need to use it more to get accustomed to it) I dont normally wear “adult jewelry” for more than an hour at most, your mileage may vary.

  4. Edwards

    Amazingly high quality for the price. However unless you have a long cock this device will be too big for you. Too bad they don’t make a shorter version. but if you have a long cock this is the best value on the market.

  5. Victor

    After years of failed attempts with multiple devices, to include the authentic cb line and others we had pretty much given up on doing this long term. Breakage, abrasions, hard to clean without removal, and comfort issues all kept getting in the way of enjoying the lifestyle so to speak. On a whim i ordered this and let the wife know after i tested it off an on for a month. She asked if i was sure and i gave her the keys.
    COMFORTABLE, it fits well (ymmv), can clean with it on and since its metal it feels secure and has a nice weight to it. Funny that a less than $30 device is leaps and bounds better than anything i have had. We will be using this for a long time.

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