2024 Newest Mechanic Vintage Chastity Cage With Prince Albert Plug

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In the shadowy corners of the boudoir, where the whispers of submission and control interlace, a new artifact rises to prominence—the Mechanic Vintage Chastity Cage. This device is not merely a tool for the carnal play but a time machine crafted to transport the wearer and their keeper to the smog-laden days of the Steam Age. It’s here that the past’s mechanical brilliance collides with the intimate strictures of the present, offering a unique experience for enthusiasts of control and chastity.

The Mechanic Vingage Chastity Cage is a marvel of design, weaving together the robust, raw elements of the 19th-century industrial boom with the sensual contours of modern bondage. Each component is a tribute to the era when gears and steam ruled, and every detail is a nod to the intricate machinery that powered the Victorian epoch.

The cage is a symphony of old-fashioned hinged rings and complex piping, a testament to the era’s fascination with gears and valves. The brass instrumentation, though static, whispers stories of pressure gauges and levers from a time when hands dirtied with soot and oil crafted wonders. These decorative aspects are not frivolous embellishments—they are the soul of the cage, crafted to transport the wearer’s mind to an era of industrial marvels.

The device’s central feature is its ability to integrate a urethral plug with an extended hose, complete with a rotating valve that gives the keyholder control over the wearer’s most basic of functions.

The hinged ring is very suitable for beginners and is very easy to put on. There is no longer a heavy jingling padlock here, the hinged ring is locked with just one S-shaped screw, which ensures comfort without sacrificing the firm grip required for chastity devices.

The Mechanic Vintage Chastity Cage offers a selection of urethral plugs, catering to the wearer’s preference and the keyholder’s designs. With sizes ranging from the regular 6mm and 8mm, and the specialized 8mm PA urethral tube, the cage ensures that the experience is tailored to the individual’s desires.

In addition to the three urethral plugs, you can also choose the PA Hook tube. This prince albert bending tube is also fixed by a S-shaped screw at the head, marrying practicality with the erotic enhancement of chastity.

So there you have it—the Mechanic Vintage Chastity Cage isn’t just about kink, it’s a trip through time. Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned pro, it’s got the comfort and control you’re after. Buy it now!

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel, Brass
Cage size: please see the image
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; all 3 sizes of rings;
1 removable urethral plug;
1 removable extended hose
1 set of S-type screws and wrench
Optional: 1 PA bending tube

2 reviews for 2024 Newest Mechanic Vintage Chastity Cage With Prince Albert Plug

  1. Bradley

    As described

  2. Harold

    I like the design. Like being locked in a jail cell. Good quality.

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