Completely Enclosed Stainless Steel Urethral Male Chastity Tube

(5 customer reviews)


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Bid farewell to your worthless piece of manhood and lock it up inside the Completely Enclosed Stainless Steel Urethral Male Chastity Tube for good. It is one of the most humiliating chastity cages as your penis gets completely hidden inside this solid metallic tube. If the humiliation isn’t enough to put the sissy in his right place, the optional spiked ring and the urethral catheter will come in more than handy. The moment your bitch gets hard even a little bit, he’ll go through an excruciating pain with the spiked ring tightening around his balls and the catheter sounding his penis from inside.

The chastity tube is available in 2 sizes, while the testicle ring comes in 3 different diameters. So, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your little baby. The urethral chastity device is made from the best grade stainless steel so that your delicate crotch skin is 100% safe. It can be easily cleaned by simply washing with warm water and non fragrant soap followed by drying. Although the bitch can’t play with his dick, the dominant has total freedom to use electricity or heat to add extra pleasure to the BDSM game.

This sexy bondage toy comes with an inbuilt sliding brass lock which is indestructible and can only be opened with one of the two keys provided with it. The key-holder can therefore be satisfied that the slave is entirely at his/her mercy. You’re sure to find the filthy bitch begging to you for release on his knees with the urgly armor on. Once your sissy has experienced the pain of the catheter and the spiked ring and the humiliation of the cage, even the thought of wearing it again is sufficient to make him weak. It can therefore serve as the ultimate punishment tool.

So, go ahead! Buy the Completely Enclosed Urethral Male Chastity Tube to take your Dom-Sub bond to the ultimate heights of pleasure and pain in chastity.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel + Food-grade Silicone
Cage size (Inner diameter x Tube length):
Short: 33x43mm (1.30×1.69in)
Long: 33x60mm (1.30×2.36in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Urethral sound size (Diameter x Length):
For small cage: 6x61mm (0.24×2.40in)
For large cage: 6x88mm (0.24×3.46in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring; 1 silicone urethral sound;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

5 reviews for Completely Enclosed Stainless Steel Urethral Male Chastity Tube

  1. Brandon

    well crafted, no sharp edges, comfortable, I am very pleased with the item.

  2. James

    For the price a very good quality. Recommendable!

  3. Arthur

    I find it difficult to put on, but once it’s on its very comfortable. Haven’t used the sound attachment, it’s a bit thick for my current ability/comfort level. High quality product. Shipping took a bit but that’s expected these days.

  4. Jeffrey

    Easy to install. Comfortable to wear.

  5. Daniel

    This is a wonderful device. Really well made- no burrs in the steel, totally smooth. I’ve been locked in for a couple days now and it’s a great blend of comfortable and punishing. Use the catheter or don’t, though it can be a little difficult to urinate without the catheter if your dick isn’t lined up with the large hole. That said the catheter is larger than I was expecting (but just as large as advertised so that’s on me). Be careful with the catheter if you’re not experienced!

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