Full Enclosure Anti Pullout Steel Egg Chastity Device

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We think the pleasure of caging your slave is thrilling. But caging them in a highly protected and seducing steel egg chastity cage is a turn on. Level up your game of bondage and slavery, and feel the heightened pressure and terror in their eyes as you see them locked away in this cage.

This is unlike what you might have witnessed before. It provides a high level of protection for the coward and surrendered cocks and also the scrotum. Are you someone who hates the residue of their pee when you finally set them free? Then we assure you that this fully restraint cage would not even disappoint you there.

The multiple ventilation holes at the bottom not only allow your slave to breathe normally in the long-term imprisonment, but also ensure that there is no urine residue and odor.

The egg shape design is the cherry on the cake…. On the dick. Crack it open for them while they will continue to prevent it from cracking all day long. The best part is the anti-pullout ring. You can choose the cage with or without a barbed ring for your sissy slave, depending on whether he is submissive to you completely. So at no point of time will he be able to even think of disobeying your orders.

Meanwhile, if you are the most obedient sub and want to prove your loyalty to your partner, this cage is also one for you. The design is spill proof, rust proof and perfectly sized for your dick too. Grab the size that hits your sex drives in the right spot, gear it up and let the play begin! You only have to plan the plot, we will ensure the dick is safe even if it is hard. The stainless steel built and the brass lock together bring balanced play for anyone looking forward to dominating or being dominated.

Ideal for the play and the proof you wish to portray, this inescapable metal egg chastity cage is one click away. Buy it now!

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Please see picture.
Ring size (Inner diameter):
43mm (1.69in)
48mm (1.89in)
52mm (2.05in)
Package includes:
1 set of egg cage
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys
3 screws + 1 wrench

7 reviews for Full Enclosure Anti Pullout Steel Egg Chastity Device

  1. Cecil

    Well built and sturdy great for couple play

  2. Lee

    Really nice good quality fits perfect !

  3. Francis

    I was very pleasantly surprised by my order, it’s probably one of the most comfortable male chastity devices I’ve ever worn, as I’m on the larger size than most guys. it can really create an issue finding the right fit but not with this one. also please that there were no annoying rings or spacers to try and fit the size I ordered is perfect.

  4. Samuel

    Nicely put together and a very hot item added to my collection😺

  5. Anthony

    Very laborious to accommodate everything and then close it without pinching some skin. In addition, I think construction is great. I’m used to being closed. My wife demands that I have to wear a KG 24/7 to spare her from boring marriage sex.

  6. Lee

    Item as discribed and depicted, including the spare screws and a wrench. Super-fast delivery – will buy from this store again!

  7. John

    Fantastic! This is the first chastity cage that I could sleep in—not that a hard on doesn’t wake you up, lol. It’s super comfortable AND there’s no way not to know it’s there. It’s got a nice weight and heft to it. I’ve got big balls and a thick one, so finding a unit I can wear comfortably and not get off in or escape from has been awesome. Looking forward to wearing it quite a bit.

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