Super Short Flat Chastity Cage With Urethral Catheter For Sissy Men

(10 customer reviews)


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Undoubtedly, flat chastity is a delicious and exciting game. In addition, this male chastity device can become a tool to play with your master at any time.

Super short cage design makes it hide under your pants safety, you can wear it every day, even when you go out of the house without worrying that anyone will notice it.

Soft and delicate material. This cock cage is made of high quality and polished stainless steel that will treat your penis with the utmost delicacy. You won’t feel any pressure, and you won’t have to worry. Your winnie will be safe, cared for and comfortable. In addition, the material is very durable. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy this game for years, delighting your master/mistress.

Appropriate size for any cock. If you are worried about the size, you can start relaxing. This cage has dimensions of 35 mm. Those measurements will suffice, no matter if your member is small or large.

You will be able to enclose your bird without any problems, disappearing from sight during a sensual encounter with your partner. In addition, the space will be enough so that it does not squeeze, and you can have it with you without discomfort.

Lightweight for wearing. Your penis must be enclosed in a lightweight toy, or it could get damaged. That’s why this container weighs only 160 grams. With that amount, you won’t even remember you’re wearing it.

The lightness of the device will also make your man feel powerful. He will see that he can squeeze the cage hard, and it will awaken in him all his wildest desires.

Complete package. When you get this cock trumpet, you will also get a base ring, a set of hexagon nut and wrench, an optional steel tube for comfortable urination and an optional spiked ring for extra torture. You can even adjust the pressure to your liking.

This Super Short Flat Chastity Cage will be your ideal complement if you want to feel like a real sissy slave. Get it now and enjoy letting your master dominate you. Do you want to play at maintaining your male chastity?

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter):
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Urethral catheter size (Diameter x Length):
Stainless steel tube: 7.5x35mm (0.30×1.38in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring;
1 set of hex nut and wrench
Optional: 1 stainless steel urethral tube

10 reviews for Super Short Flat Chastity Cage With Urethral Catheter For Sissy Men

  1. Richard

    Fits well. It fulfills everything I was looking for from a chastity cage. Quite comfortable, and it can be fun to warm or chill the metal before wearing it.

  2. Anthony

    very heavy… 🙁

  3. Paul

    A perfect cage. It’s the smallest grade and it’s super tight but if what you’re looking for is that, go ahead. The spikes of the sujection hoop are very sharp and therefore need to be careful. From out there, it’s the best cage on the market.

  4. Victor

    The order came very quickly. I haven’t tried it yet. On weight-heavy. I did. Recommend.

  5. Eric

    Everything seem to be fine except catheter which has sharp edges – unusable.

  6. Larry

    Good quality. Smooth surface. Fast shipping. Would recommend.

  7. Christopher

    Splendid design. However the metal tube is longer then the cage. If had a metal tube at the length of the cage with the base ring, I would definitely buy again. Also if the tube was soldered to the cage it was better. And if the tube had a larger inner diameter such as 5 mm for better urination

  8. Douglas

    I took with the iron catheter, it would be smooth, not ribbed, it would be easier to use. The rest of the cage is good quality. Would recommend.

  9. Elbert

    Been using your product since it arrived over a month ago, and I’m enjoying it. The cage is solidly constructed, have no issues showering with it. It does have some weight to it, so I’m glad I purchased a cage strap, as it prevents it from slipping down. It definitely won’t slip off, as the ring size I ordered was accurate and suits my needs. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, and so was my spouse.

  10. Ronny

    Came discreetly packaged and sealed, with no missing parts. The cage is solidly constructed, have no issues showering with it. It does have some weight to it, I was worried how wearable this might be but it is surprisingly comfortable and leaves you nearly with just balls. No bulk in the front, whatsoever making wearing the skimpiest underwear possible as well. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and have been using it daily.

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