2023 Newest Steampunk Custom Steel Chastity Cage

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Step into a realm where style meets sensuality with our cutting-edge Steampunk Steel Chastity Cage. Designed for those who crave both aesthetic and functional excellence, this masterpiece is the embodiment of versatility, promising an array of thrilling possibilities for gaming, entertainment, or passionate moments.

Unparalleled Security with Gold S-Shaped Safety Screw Locking Mechanism: Say goodbye to escape attempts. Our cage features an ingenious S-shaped screw locking system in stunning gold. It’s secured by five meticulously crafted S-shaped screws, and only a specially designed S-wrench can set you free. With this cage, control is in your hands, and only you hold the key.

Tailored Comfort and Discreet Wear: The cage is ingeniously connected by a rotating shaft, ensuring a snug fit that’s barely noticeable. Its two sections can pivot along their respective axes, allowing you to customize the angle, ensuring it naturally complements your body’s contours.

Customize Your Experience: Unleash your imagination by customizing your chastity experience. Every accessory on this cage is removable, from the scrotal ring to the spiked ring and even the urethral plug. Mix and match to craft your unique, personalized cage, adapting to your desires and fantasies.

Adjustable Penetration Depth: Explore the depths of pleasure with two spiked rings that accompany the cage. Each spiked ring features screw spikes that allow you to fine-tune the depth of penetration, offering you an array of sensations that vary from thrilling to intense.

Hinged Base Ring for Effortless Wear: Putting on your chastity cage has never been easier, thanks to the hinged base ring design. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and indulgence, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your pleasure.

Elevate your erotic experiences to new heights with our Steampunk Steel DIY Chastity Cage. Unleash your desires, control your pleasure, and embrace the possibilities that await in this world of steampunk sensuality. Are you ready to embrace the future of chastity?

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size: Please see picture.
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring;
1 set of S-type screws and wrench
1 set of screw spikes and wrench

3 reviews for 2023 Newest Steampunk Custom Steel Chastity Cage

  1. Jerold

    It has infinite possibilities for use, but the catheter is extremely unpleasant due to its curvature.

  2. William


  3. Caleb

    Excellent workmanship, all super. Very interesting toy. The main thing is many (if there is imagination) ways to use.

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