Stainless Steel Forced Sissy Chastity Cage With Catheter

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Whether you want to revive a dying sex relationship by introducing some kink in it or you’re in a mistress/master – slave relation, our Stainless Steel Forced Sissy Chastity Cage will meet all your sadistic requirements. There’s an inexplicable pleasure in giving all control to your dominant and suffering pain for his/her amusement. This cock cage is specifically designed for total denial combined with inescapable torment for the sissy.

The holy trainer jailhouse is made up of surgical grade stainless steel making it completely safe for the delicate skin of the crouch area. It is an embodiment of absolute control and pleasurable agony at the same time. The cage has been given a curved shape to ensure that your pathetic dick will never be able to get a perfect erection while locked in. The hooped design not only allows good air circulation, but also exposes the soft areas of your pinky-wink to the mistress/master for afflicting pain as desired.

It comes with an internal sliding brass lock which can be opened only with one of the 2 keys provided with it. The solid stainless steel ring is available in 5 different sizes of internal diameter ranging from 36-45mm, whereas the cage body also has 2 sizes. The CBT torment can be taken to the next level by inserting an optional stainless steel urethral sound through the hole provided at the tip of the device. This holy trainer chastity device is a perfect way of demonstrating your complete loyalty and submission to your mistress/master.

When you consider a single cock cage that offers so many features in a BDSM scenario, it just can’t be better than this one. While it guarantees total safety of your skin, our Stainless Steel Forced Sissy Chastity Cage hands over full command to the key holder. It’s an ideal gift for your mistress/master to display your consummate devotion towards him/her.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Short: 29x87mm (1.14×3.43in)
Long: 33x92mm (1.30×3.62in)
Ring size (Inner Width x Height):
36#: 42x40mm (1.65×1.57in)
38#: 51.5x42mm (2.03×1.65in)
40#: 52x41mm (2.05×1.61in)
42#: 52x45mm (2.05×1.77in)
45#: 52x47mm (2.05×1.85in)
Urethral sound size (Diameter x Length):
For short cage: 6x60mm (0.24×2.36in)
For long cage: 6x82mm (0.24×3.23in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring; 1 brass sliding lock+2 keys
1 stainless steel urethral tube

1 review for Stainless Steel Forced Sissy Chastity Cage With Catheter

  1. Thomas

    The is the best cage I have ever worn. Very secure and fairly comfortable with the catheter in place. My only issue it that the catheter can be unscrewed and removed with the cage on., making pull out easy. To fix this issue I will used strong glue to fix the catheter on to the device. Also be aware the nightly erections are painful, but otherwise no pain.

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