Colorful Sissy Permanent Chastity Cage Polycarbonate Sex Toy

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There’s no denying the fact that colors and music form a language that’s of cosmic nature. Color not just defines the personality of a human, but also gives an accurate depiction of the mood. Our Colorful Sissy Permanent Chastity Cage is built keeping this idea in mind. It is made up of strong yet lightweight polycarbonate material to bring together strength and wearing comfort in a never before blend. The device is available in 6 different colors giving you the option of wearing the right color to suit your mood. There are bright as well as cool colors depending upon whether you’re feeling intense or relaxed.

The two locking arrangements will bring you convenience in different situations. While you’re at home or office, the sliding lock is an ideal option as its reusable and simply tamper-proof. For those who’ve to travel by air, the beautiful chastity toy has been supplied with 5 uniquely numbered plastic locks as well. Using this plastic lock, the chastity cage can’t be detected by any metal detector and hence you can easily wear it through the airport security checks.

The polycarbonate chastity device is available in 2 different cage sizes and the pack has rings of 3 diameters. The 3 rings can be used on different occasions depending upon the gap that you need for your balls.

The ergonomic design and the supreme finish of the cage make it one of the most comfortable bondage devices to wear. Its super-light structure doesn’t compromise any bit on the strength aspect. There’s a pee-hole at the tip, while the entire body of the restraint device is perforated allowing you to urinate and clean without having to remove it. These openings not only help in adequate ventilation, but also make it possible for you to clean your penis while still wearing it.

Get hold of this innovative Colorful Sissy Permanent Chastity Cage today! Own a true work of art and add color to your denial and abstinence.

Color: Transparent, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Red
Material: Polycarbonate
Cage size (Inner diameter x Tube length):
Short: 28x80mm (1.10×3.15in)
Long: 28x97mm (1.10×3.82in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
S: 64mm (2.52in)
M: 67mm (2.64in)
L: 71mm (2.80in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 3 different size rings;
5 uniquely numbered plastic locks;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

5 reviews for Colorful Sissy Permanent Chastity Cage Polycarbonate Sex Toy

  1. Douglas

    As the description, but there is a line that I had to use sandpaper.

  2. James

    Great fit, my wife put it permanetly on me and it feels great.

  3. Allen

    Very comfortable, no escape.

  4. Martin

    Comes with all the parts and fits well, very convenient

  5. Joseph

    Choosed the long one, and everything is fine. At first it was difficult to insert, but then it was trained. The feeling is awesome. Advise

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