Male Chastity Bird Cage With Anal Hook Butt Plug

(6 customer reviews)


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The BDSM lovers bow down to the best artwork available in the chastity cage era. This Chastity Cage Butt Plug right here is one of the prime examples of the most supreme creation ever. The features are overflooding, and so are the reasons for you to buy this one beauty right away!

This chastity bird cage comes with an anal hook, and this is just the beginning of the magic that the device beholds. The gorgeous design is unlike any other. The shiny and smooth steel cage is just the cherry on top for this one. Your cock will seem tempting enough to have you touch it again and again, but you will fail! The only one who can touch you would be the possessor of the keys.

It comes with an optional rope chain to have you level up the BDSM game in multiple shifts. Plug in the anal hook and watch the overflow of pain. Pull the strings one by one, and we believe you won’t even need to hit them with anything worse. With the spring-like structure hanging close to your dick, your hard heat will collide with the very cold nature of the metal and make you want to skip steps and beg for mercy. But that might not happen so soon, given the kind of pleasure the possessor of the keys will have as he or she goes on to make it worse for you.

We see no reason for you to await the approval of anything but a successful transaction as you spend on this beauty and make it yours!

Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Cage size: Please see pictures.
Anal Hook Ring diameter:
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 anal hook;
1 brass padlock+2 keys
1 cage; 1 anal hook;
1 set of chain leash
(not includes padlock)

6 reviews for Male Chastity Bird Cage With Anal Hook Butt Plug

  1. Jessie

    It is a quality product, but the size is too small for me, I regret not buying a larger size.

  2. Joe

    I loved the way it pulled down and it barely pinched me at all for something made of metal. I would recommend using lube on the hook though just because it’s metal. It’s all smooth and good

  3. Wade

    Well crafted. It has a good weight and is very smooth. Feels good.

  4. Kyle

    very fun to use and comfortable. not for beginners

  5. James

    Good quality, matched sizing info, no complaints.

  6. Carlos

    i received item today and im very happy..thank you

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