Lace Butterfly Adjustable Fake Vagina Underwear

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Reveal your feminine form in the most provocative way with these camel toe enhancing gaff panties. Crafted from soft, stretchy cotton, they are specially designed for sissies and crossdressers seeking a feminine silhouette.

The panties feature discreet padded lining in the front to mimic the contour of a woman’s privates. Customizable side straps allow you to adjust the fit to accentuate your curves in just the right way. A delicate lace butterfly decoration adorns the front, drawing the eye to your faux camel toe.

Slip into these sexy panties and tuck your thing, instantly transform into the seductive sissy you desire to be. Watch yourself in the mirror as the strategically placed padding creates a striking feminine shape. Walk with a sensual strut and imagine heads turning as your scandalous secret remains hidden beneath clothes. Feel empowered embracing your femme side.

Surprise your lover by revealing what’s underneath – hear their breath catch as you expose your enhanced assets. Let them explore the contours of the padding and engage in gender play that fulfills fantasies. These panties open up new realms of roleplay for uninhibited couples.

Take your crossdressing to thrilling new heights in these camel toe enhancing panties. Their flattering silhouette and provocative padding let you embody feminine beauty from the outside in. Dare to embrace your inner girl in the most tantalizing way.

Color: Black, Red, Complexion, Purple
Material: cotton
Size: one size for most
Adjustable waist circumference through buckles

1 review for Lace Butterfly Adjustable Fake Vagina Underwear

  1. William

    Excellent work gaff and great art work and great art style

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