Sissy Crossdresser Costume Black And White French Maid Outfit

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Being a guy with dreams of being a sissy housewife is hard! If you ever wanted to be a cute little maid this outfit is for you. It’s a lolita type dress, allowing for many roleplay scenarios, mostly of your master/mistress dominating you. This product comes with a flowy french maid dress, a cute little headband, and a detachable apron. Many products on our site have exclusive sizing, and this product is no different. Like many of our products, you femboys who are past XL can enjoy this product as well, being a whore doesn’t just include the skinny twinks. The sizes being S-3XL, you can fit most slutty femboys bodies into this dress. No more Enjoy the look of frilly sleeves, folded cuffs, and more cute details!

You’ll never have a moment of boredom in this dress, surprise your partner by dressing up and get to cleaning on your hands and knees. Pair it with some stockings and let them explore your body. Let them remove your frilly sleeves, your sexy skirt, and last but not least, your slutty panties. Remember how we mentioned the detachable apron? Imagine what your partner could do with that, tying you up, strangling you… if you’re into that.

Get cleaning, teasing, and fucking with this irresitable maid uniform. Buy it and become the slutty homemaker (or homewrecker, if that’s your style) you know you want to be.

Material: polyester
Size Chart: please see the picture
Package Includes:
Dress, Apron, Head Band

4 reviews for Sissy Crossdresser Costume Black And White French Maid Outfit

  1. Joseph

    The dress is comfortable enough, the delivery is acceptable, the dress came without flaws, however, even the size XXL is small enough for me at the waist, so I would like to see

  2. Dennis

    The outfit is very good, breathable and comfortable, but the throat is narrow enough and dressed alone is difficult because of the zipper that to be on the back and apron that is not very comfortable. It came fast enough.

  3. John

    Flawless fine right highly recommend

  4. Peter

    It arrived a bit later than expected but that’s fine. The fitting is a bit smaller than what’s listed on the size chart but it still fit me perfectly. Apron isn’t the best but the dress itself is nice. It’s for sure worth the price you pay!

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