Crossdresser Fake Vagina Panties Hiding Gaff Underwear

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Sometimes, it’s not enough to just be a penis-haver. You want more—you want to be something else for your partner: a sissy crossdresser who can’t get enough of being a woman! If you want to wrap your penis in the shape of a pussy and use it as an excuse to dress up as a woman or act out some other kinky fantasy with your partner? This fake vagina underwear will help get you there!

This fake vagina panty not only remarks and aligns your body shape down the abdomen. It has another highlight of having the camel toe shaper. As the briefs or thongs embrace your waist, the vagina outlook fixes itself against your cock, giving you the ultimate comfort and appreciative look of your body. The comfy material also has elastic spandex essence in it and thus becomes even more desirable for everyday life.

The hiding gaff comes with two style options for you to choose from. One is the brief style, ideal for all outfits and activities, and the second is the thong style to instil in you a better sense of sexiness. The brief style provides a firm coverage of the body area around your waistband, and the thong style grips your waist and enhances the ass for a better show.

With this vagina panty, you can wear any type of clothing without fear of revealing your secret and embarrassing yourself in front of others. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally exposing yourself again! Rush your fingers and tap the checkout option right away. Your comfort, your confidence and your outlook are just one click away!

Material: cotton
Size Chart:
S:     waist 25.2-29.9″/64-76cm
M:    waist 26.8-31.5″/68-80cm
L:     waist 28.3-33.5″/72-85cm
XL:   waist 29.9-35.4″/76-90cm
2XL: waist 31.5-37.8″/80-96cm

11 reviews for Crossdresser Fake Vagina Panties Hiding Gaff Underwear

  1. Arthur

    The Lady with a penis looks very good, the only thing that the sizes do not add up, I caught the M and it is an S, so that if you caught it you take that into account, the perfect ones

  2. Louis

    These Gaffs are very comfortable and do what they’re intended for.

  3. Alex

    Size runs a little small, so go 1 size up. Also, if you have a little…bigger than normal man good, it pokes out the top, or your balls hang to the side. Definitely would recommend tucking if you wear these out under a dress!

  4. Steve

    Fits perfectly and makes what it should

  5. Vincent

    Item seems well made and matches the description well. It seems to run just a bit smaller than expected. You may have to order as size larger if you are almost between the listed sizes.

  6. Michael

    It hides penis very well

  7. Paul

    Comfortable, great quality and fast shipping

  8. Jeffrey

    satisfied thanks

  9. Ronald

    As advertised. The centre pad is quite soft. I was expecting it to be firmer.

  10. Johnson

    Thank you, great seller, fast shipping, and an excellent piece

  11. Andrew

    High quality, only wish I had got the large size , I am 75 kgs.

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