Adjustable Handcuff Metal Chastity Device

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You’ve got a lot to do, and who has time to fiddle around with complicated chastity devices? That’s why we designed the Handcuff Chastity Device—it’s easy to put on, and it won’t let you down.

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s simple with our handcuff design. First, clean yourself and the cage thoroughly (you don’t want to get any infections). Then, open the hinged ring and pass through the shaft and balls. Close the ring and you are locked up forever!

This device is unlike any other chastity cage you may have seen before—it’s made from a high-quality, durable metal that won’t break or bend. It comes with an adjustable base ring that goes from 30mm to 55mm (and every size in between), your Mistress can make sure your cage is snug enough to keep you from getting out, but not too tight that it hurts.

The adjustable nature of this chastity device means it can be used by men of almost any size—whether you’re an average joe or someone who has more… ample proportions. We also recommend using lubricant to avoid any chafing or irritation that might occur while wearing this device over long periods of time.

The cage tube is designed to classic birdcage shape and has a variety of openings, so the ventilation will not be an issue. The large opening at the top ensures that there is no urine residue. And the device comes with 2 keys, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing the keys because you have spare parts.

You’ve been a bad boy. And now it’s time to pay the price! You’ll get used to wearing this handcuff chastity device very soon, once you do, you’ll never want any other kind of cage again. Get one today!

Color: Silver
Material: Metal
Cage size: Please see the picture
Ring inner diameter:
Adjustable range 30-55mm (1.18-2.17in)
Package includes:
1 cage with adjustable ring; 2 keys

6 reviews for Adjustable Handcuff Metal Chastity Device

  1. Gerald

    The adjustable ring is very good. It’s hard to get out of that cage. Pretty comfortable. Very good value for money

  2. Dennis

    Nice tight fit and quite comfortable Shipped quickly.

  3. Efren

    this is very small but well made it just hurts your testicles because the gap isn’t big enough

  4. Roland

    Good cage, no escape also well put. Can also be worn longer, without problems.

  5. Antonio

    Very satisfied with the purchase. Pleasant sensations. Everything is dragging on. It is not possible to remove without a key!

  6. Joyce

    HIgh quality. I can’t wait to lock my friend in it.

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