Titanium Prince Albert Chastity Lock

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Simple in its abject dominance of your cock—something inside craves that stake of immobilizing pleasure, stealing away your ability to act as a man while forcing a more sensitive nature out. One that looks on at such invasive and all-encompassing prince albert chastity and willingly accepts its fate. It welcomes this new, soft life of servitude and the lack of escape. All that’s left to give in, let it go, and watch metal ease into your depths.

Binding ever so tightly, urethra-plugging piercings like this are simple use male chastity devices. By lock and key, fasten the urethral rod and let it pierce you. Its length then becomes an internal steel leash, holding it captive. Said titanium steel rod is smooth and without seam—for maximum sensitivity and ultimate comfort—while coming in two different diameters to better gape and lock your cock. This material focuses on more long-term wear—a removable Prince Albert piercing that can slide inside and stay with little undue risk as long as it’s properly lubricated.

Muffle the mouth of your cock with steel—the only sound to be heard in your tight, constricted sex is that of your labored breath. Don’t fight against its hold on you. Accept and succumb to its power and control, draining you of the only shred of masculine pride that remains.

Color: Silver
Material: Titanium Steel
Piercing rod diameter:
3mm (0.12in)
5mm (0.20in)
Package includes:
1 piercing lock;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

5 reviews for Titanium Prince Albert Chastity Lock

  1. Doyle

    Absolutely big enough to keep is to keep any sort of play from occurring.

  2. Michael

    Good item quality. Exactly as shown in the pictures

  3. Sammie

    Well made, great item. Wrong size for me but that’s my bad. It works great

  4. Alysia

    Soooo thuddy…. it’s got weight to it, much more of of bam than a slap… Save’s my husband’s arm a lot xD

  5. Mark

    I was looking for a lock for my prince albert piercing to fit with my cage. Absolutely perfect. And the quality!! Superb! I will definitely be buying from them again. Possibly an all in one cage with built in PA. Love it!!

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