Stainless Steel PA Chastity Cage

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Truly a masterpiece, this prince albert chastity device has been crafted from the ground up to meet the gruesome demands of a cruel mistress—or a submissive man.

Cock-stuffing—masculinity squeezing—chastity of this magnitude is no laughing matter. When a cock is trapped behind bars and denied its freedom, pain, and the occasional stroke, it must suffer for the sake of a higher calling. The true purpose of these shackles: to turn the cock into a tool for a flowering of weak, heart-wrenching femme. Frustrating all attempts at cock play or masturbation at all hours, this pa cage forces the male form down with ruthless efficiency and leaves the cock flaccid, limp, and wholly dominated.

This focuses on torturing the most sensitive part of a cock’s pride. The bulbous tip pops into its tube, kept firmly captive and held from stretching by its metal sheath. Then, the emasculating rod will come down like a hammer, pounding into the urethra with metal on metal until it locks itself into your flesh. Escape is impossible when internally tethered by this urethral piercing plug, not without severe consequences. For the masochist in you, however, this chastity cage allows you the release from your fantasies as the steel device shows no mercy.

The plug itself comes in different sizes to better fill your cock’s softness with its chill. The tubing that will squeeze you in also provides a more cage-like head for those wishing to feel entirely imprisoned. The design is a perfect stab of hopelessness to quiet a cock’s dreams; once locked in, there’s nowhere but down. Let the pain be your bliss, just as the humiliation should be your crown.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
30x55mm (1.18×2.17in)
Piercing rod diameter:
3mm (0.12in)
5mm (0.20in)
Package includes:
1 cage tube; 1 piercing rod;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

3 reviews for Stainless Steel PA Chastity Cage

  1. Tiesha

    Was as advertised my submissive was sissy girl will appreciate and hate how well it’s made and secure on her now useless “clitty” but it’s still accessible to play with, stimulate and torture her clitty. yet not alllow her to masterbate or using her clitty as a guy. Since she is no longer that :.-)

  2. Johnny

    way, way better than I expected. the weight and the speed of delivery, are well worth it.

  3. Jaxton

    Yes, you do need a Prince Albert_piercing in your penis, to lock it. But I think, a PA will not be strong enough to carry the cage for a longer time. But it is nearly perfect, if you own an Ampallang also. Only the lock could be a little more rounded. It pinches a little bit. I like the cage so far. Recommended seller and short delivery-time also. VERY GOOD!

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