Stainless Steel Cobra Chastity Cage

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Stylish in its restraint and comfortable within its confines, this cobra chastity cage takes the classical concept and transforms it with modern designs from quality material that have perfected the art of making life with a chokehold pleasant. Unpadded and inflexible, it provides a secure feel from top to bottom without compromising comfort. For unabashed sissies and feminine males alike, this is an ideal companion for keeping that sensitive cock protected and confined in both style and substance. It’ll befit your delicate needs and curb your manhood’s natural urges—making your dreams a reality.

Hand-polished 316 stainless steel provides a smooth basket weave design that doesn’t pinch on contact and allows utmost breathability for long-term use. While the use provides inflexibility, the design is anything but, coming with attachments to better fit your style of imprisonment. Specifically, the Nub and Nano cages are ready to be filled with whatever you’re packing, making even the degree of your cock’s pitiful retirement possible within its cage’s structure. The ring around your base provides similar customization, namely a warped bend to better accommodate the shape of your pelvis.

So, let yourself be cradled in unbreaking strength and beauty, letting not a single moment in the bedroom be without a prideful display of femininity. Your cock is a symbol of your desire to surrender your identity into something even more beautiful. Don’t you deserve a cage to match?

Choose this one today, let your cock grow soft, give in, let it go…and never look back.

Color: Silver
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Cage size (Length):
Nub: 38mm (1.50in)
Nano: 43mm (1.69in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
43mm (1.69in)
46mm (1.81in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring;
1 brass magic lock+2 keys

Please note that the products are all polished manually, there maybe slight scratches on the outer surface. And please allow 2-4mm clearance due to the manufacturing process, which doesn’t affect the function.

Please go a ring size up if you are in the medial size range to avoid blood circulation problems, or choose two rings to get a best fit. You can also choose our Elastic Nylon Waist Belt or Adjustable PU Leather Belt to perfectly support the cage, just click on Chastity Accessories, and we have prepared them for you.

7 reviews for Stainless Steel Cobra Chastity Cage

  1. Ganelon

    super je la recommande

  2. Matthew

    Product is great nice weight and well made shipping was extremely fast

  3. Wm

    Very good design, very comfortable for 7j/7 and 24h/24, received before the date set, I recommend

  4. Jerrell

    way too heavy.

  5. Derek

    Finish and assemble is good. The feel is solid, no extra movement. The size 46 fits like a 44-45. Great access for cleaning while wearing. Very happy.

  6. Rowan

    Great quality. Would you consider adding the option to purchase additional baserings from your store ? Very smooth and great craftmanship!

  7. Andy

    If you have a plastic one and know what size to get this is a very good chastity cage for the money. My partner loves it, fits perfect. Heavy metal.

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