Small Penis Slave Chastity Birdcage

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A chastity cage is a must, even for guys with pathetic cocks. (i.e. you) If your dick is so small that a magnifying glass has trouble finding it, this might just be your size. The birdcage is laughably small. It’s no wonder you became a little sissy, no full man would allow themselves to have such a small dick. The silver lining of such patheticness is the fact that you can now enjoy this cage. It’s designed for long term chastity, not like it’d affect you much, your dick is basically nonexistent at this point. For any events where you may want to lock your cock up for an extended amount of time, this may be your best bet.

So we’ve already told you the benefits of such a small dick cage, but the best part of it is the fact it’s extremely breathable. Even impossibly tiny cocks need to breathe. The cage is mainly steel bars, you’ll have no problem with breathability in this birdcage. Want to give over control of your dick? Choose this cage, it’s not like you’ll be able to find a birdcage half as small. Nobody else knows they exist. So give your owner a key, let them have full anatomy of you instead of yourself.

The main point of this cage is its size, you have a pathetic dick, admit it and buy this cage to fit. Don’t try to upsize.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
See the picture
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring;
1 sliding lock+2 keys

1 review for Small Penis Slave Chastity Birdcage

  1. George

    Fast shipping! Item even better as in pictures. Seller highly recommended.

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