Plus Size Sissy Satin Thong With Mini Skirt

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Trying to embrace that softer side can be a rugged slope. Many people who dabble in femme interests find it difficult to shed the masculine ego and become comfortable with being sexy, playful, and affectionate with their bodies. But what if you could slip into something more flattering? How about something with a little more flair? In an all-in-one package, while keeping your sensitive package safe, you can have something strapping and clinging, swishing and swaying, while the front remains as shameless as it is sexy.

Do not fear the garters, the mini skirt, or the thong. This sexy thong’s fine silk promises fantasy-fulfilling fashion without sacrificing functionality. It even comes with an elastic waistband, meaning that no sissy-to-be needs to fret over the size of their beautiful bottom—just wear them as you prefer, tightening and loosening for more control. The ribboned garter straps that hang from the skirt are no less welcoming.

The inoffensive plastic clips are ready to bite into whatever saucy accessory you wish to add to your look, providing support and adornment in one. Beneath the skirt’s ruffles, the pouch that will hold your cock allows a snug fit around every curve, whether erect or flaccid. Ever so soft, as always, it’ll make for a perfect place to rest your more manly bits while your girly side gets its time in the spotlight. The thong strap running between your legs and ass cheeks is also one to love. While already sexier than ever, thanks to the skirt’s teasing shape, the butt-straddling fabric will leave your cheeks bare to the world and give whoever has the privilege of lifting your skirt or bending you over the counter a much-appreciated view.

Not a single checkmark is left unchecked on this cute sissy thong’s list of appealing features. A tantalizing style, a sturdy yet comfortable fit, and a place to keep your most precious parts safe are all included. Now you can indulge that loud and proud sissy side with well-made gusto, feeling good, and leaving that special someone in the bedroom swooning.

Material: Lace + Polyester
Size Chart: One Size (Waist 68-95cm/26.8-37.4″)

4 reviews for Plus Size Sissy Satin Thong With Mini Skirt

  1. Cody

    Well packed and shipped quickly. AM eager as it as gift arrives. Appearance is real hot.

  2. Willie

    Very stretchy waist and fit on no problem. I have size 36US waist size

  3. Oscar

    As described. All OK. Good seller. Very satisfied.

  4. Timothy

    I get in combined delivery and it’s best because I get super fast, literally in 10 days after my purchase; And I get in a package with two other products I buy; the thong charm me, it’s super sexy, flirty and sensual, size is right, But what I love most was that the front part (the penis bag) is really big, saying that mine comes in complete and without getting out even being erect, no doubt highly recommended.

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