Femboy Lace Bandage Panties With Garter

(9 customer reviews)


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With nothing but your body and all the ways it can shake and pose, leave skins feverish and hearts racing with one sensual piece. Intense, straightforward with style and class—the body is an endless playground, yes, but the clothes you wear are what truly set the tone. And, what better way to turn up the heat than wearing underwear whose whole design is made to reveal more than it hides. The lace, the stretch, the sheer fabric that allows just enough peek-a-boo to tease—these are all designed with one goal in mind: to be the center of attention, to be the reason for hushed sighs, and to make every single eye in the room fall on you, spellbound, captivated, and utterly entranced with the vision of what lies between your thighs.

Calling it just a thong—or just an anything—would be doing it a disservice. Not when floral lace has been stitched together so deliciously, framing your thighs, hips, and wonderfully naked ass in a silky grip of soft, sensual fabric. Given such a design, it would be a shame not to let it do its work. So, let it. It’s made to fit all sizes of thrill-seekers, shunning no alluring hunk of a man or sweet, soft-centered sissy. Not even the thong will reject you with its stretchy elastic, stretching to accommodate any shape and size while maintaining a snug fit.

That pouch in the front isn’t for show, either. While it won’t have your member flapping about free, it’ll be clear to see beneath the sheerness, waiting patiently inside a cozy delicate prison while you do, as a man should, anything you please, whether it’s flexing or strutting, dancing or posing.

Purchase today! Leave the G-string riding between your coy cheeks to be the last thing a lover sees before they melt into a frenzy.

Material: Polyester
Size Chart: One Size Fit For Most (Waist 25.0-37.4″/64-95cm)

9 reviews for Femboy Lace Bandage Panties With Garter

  1. John

    Fit is slightly large but still pretty good. Very sexy and well made!

  2. Michael

    Didnt expect a thin strap to be the crotch, but that’s my inexperience showing. Fit almost perfect as well. Afraid they’re gonna rip after any period of time, though. It’s definitely lace.

  3. Alfred

    perfect gift idea for the sissy male subs out there.

  4. James

    Very sexy item!

  5. Howard

    Good for the price and quite big

  6. Norman

    They look really nice maybe think about different colors

  7. Cory


  8. Rudy

    The item is beyond my expectation. Lace fabric is stretchy and super soft. Stitches are neat. However, it’s one size, so a bit smaller for US L. It would fit for US size S and M.

  9. Jerome

    I look wonderful and seductive

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