Sissy Lux Embroidered Floral Pouch Panties

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Sometimes being pretty isn’t enough. The gaudy pink thongs or the bulge-squeezing panties—they’re good, they’re sexy, but the underwear you pull up your hips can be so much more. Those might steal glances, but they won’t melt hearts. They don’t make the beautiful you pop with glamour and pride.

What you need is something that lets that soft skin flash; lace that taunts but doesn’t overwhelm; a design so earnestly gorgeous that you’ll feel it warm the flowering of sensual femininity in your belly. Something that will have your inner sissy flouncing out to meet your outer one with a smile, thanks to a pouch that declares, loud and proud, that this is a seductive minx who knows how to respect the beauty of their cock and the pleasure of their womanhood. What you need is the ultimate sissy-approved piece that makes it clear: you’re a beauty, and it’s time everyone knew it.

Made from a soft polyester you’d only find in lingerie heaven, these frame-hugging panties embroider your sensitive core with its spiraling flower, coming to life against the sheer mesh.

Said sheer fabric is made to accommodate anyone voluptuous in the front and back—a one-size-fits-all approach made possible by the quality elastic that’ll be clinging to your booty and hugging the curves of your hips like a second skin. The see-through design also gives your manhood a safe and snug place to sit in plain sight, with three different kinds of cock pouches from a daring sleeve where it’ll really unsling its glory, another, similar sleeve—this time with an open tip—for those who might want their hot-white ooze to flow unrestricted, and most politely a closed, sac-like pouch where your manliness can rest, warm and secure.

Naturally, lace peppers the design, adding a fine contrast to the smoothness of the polyester fabric, seducing errant eyes with a number of enticing frills. You’ll be a cut above the rest, showing a dedication to the beauty of your body that’ll have everyone knowing your name, ready to put you under the fire of their desire. Grab one now!

Material: Polyester
Size: waist 64-88cm/25.2-34.6″

6 reviews for Sissy Lux Embroidered Floral Pouch Panties

  1. Howard

    Beautiful, high quality item.

  2. Robert

    Great Product, Well Made, Excellent Customer Service. Highly recommended!!!

  3. Daniel

    This underwear is so high quality, perfect fitting, obsessed with detail and provocatice . Its wonderful! Thank you so much!

  4. Matthew

    Fast delivery, super sexy and very comfortable to wear!

  5. Rory

    Another fabulous pair of lace knickers. Really comfortable and so sexy on. Love them

  6. Eric

    Received these yesterday and absolutely love them. Great quality and fit. will be ordering again soon.

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