Silky Satin Frilly Panties Crossdresser Underwear

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If you’ve been looking for silky satin sissy panties that will leave you satisfied when feminizing, you’ve found them. This model has design features that will give you what you’ve always hoped for.

The soft material treats your skin well and feels nice during play. When you touch them you will experience a pleasurable sensation. This will stimulate you so that by the time you are with your guy you already feel like a woman. It will also make you get used to wearing this piece quickly.

With these sexy panties you don’t have to worry about hooks. Quite the contrary, they work with a very resistant elastic waistband that will adjust to your body. Do you want to look like a sissy slave? Do you want to be humiliated? You will not feel any discomfort when you are wearing them. It won’t leave any marks or uncomfortable chafing.

You won’t have to worry about sweating as well. You have the possibility to have fun with your master/mistress for hours, thanks to the perspiration it provides. Your little thing will be able to breathe very easily. This will prevent you from getting too wet and spoiling the fun.

Although these satin panties has an average size of 4.3 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches, there are actually several alternatives. Each available size fits one body, and some of them will fit you perfectly.

In these panties you will find a very eye-catching style within the multiple colors and their shape. They are a garment with which there will be no problem to feminize you. From minute one you will feel like a woman.

Taking into consideration everything described, it is very clear that this option is incomparable. Get this panty today and let yourself be carried away by its feminine touch!

Material: Spandex
Waistline 26.0-39.4″/66-100cm

7 reviews for Silky Satin Frilly Panties Crossdresser Underwear

  1. Julian

    Stretchy and fit me very well, thanks!

  2. Edwin

    These are very fun to wear and are so silky smooth I could wear them anytime. They may run a little big but I’d still suggest ordering your regular size. They look great in the front and show enough of your bum to make them worth wearing.

  3. Bradley

    Was looking around and came across the thong thought it would look good on me and be comfortable to wear / sleep in for the hotter weather that’s coming to the region where i live this time of the year. It came tried it on and it fit as expected comfortable to wear and sleep in soft the soft fabric feel good against your skin and the color and pattern are way different than any other thong that you will ever buy – own.

  4. Danilo

    They are very cute and ideal for gender bending role play. They make me feel like such a submissive slut while waiting for my Mistress to shove her strap-on where the sun don’t shine.

  5. Ted

    Great panty, I use this for one of my crossdressers.

  6. Weakley

    These are absolutely cute and sexy! The quality is great and so is the fit. When I tried them on I didn’t want to take them off.

  7. William

    When it arrived I was a little concerned about the thong back, but the frills and silk make it very comfortable. All the space in front is very nice, makes it feel like I have nothing on! All the elastics are perfectly placed so I’m not falling out anywhere. I am trans and have been on HRT for years so I do tend to be very small down there anyway. So if you’re a CD reading this bear that in mind. I bought these primarily for lounging around the house, to give myself a bit of a break from all the tight stuff down there, and these work out very well for that.

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