Rivet Spikes Leather Spanking Paddle

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Our Rivet Spikes Leather Spanking Paddle is the ultimate tool for disciplining your disobedient slave and reinforcing your dominance in the bedroom. Crafted from premium cowhide leather and reinforced with a heavy iron plate, this paddle is designed to deliver powerful impact and leave a lasting impression on your submissive.

At first glance, this paddle may appear compact, but don’t let its size deceive you. Hidden beneath the surface is a solid iron plate that adds weight and intensity to each strike. When wielded with authority, this paddle delivers a punishment that your slave won’t soon forget.

One side of the paddle is adorned with copper rivets, adding an extra layer of sensation to each blow. These rivets create a tingling sensation on impact, intensifying the punishment and leaving behind unmistakable marks on your slave’s buttocks. These marks serve as a constant reminder of who is in control and reinforce your dominance long after the punishment is over.

If your slave is new to chastity training or requires a gentler punishment, you can opt for the smooth side of the paddle. This side still delivers a firm strike, but without the added intensity of the rivets, allowing you to gradually introduce your slave to the world of chastity.

Despite its punishing exterior, the pure cowhide leather provides a degree of cushioning, offering a slight reprieve from the intensity of each strike. This ensures that your slave experiences the perfect balance of pain and pleasure, ultimately leading to greater obedience and submission.

By incorporating the Rivet Spikes Leather Spanking Paddle into your chastity training regimen, you can effectively discipline your slave and reinforce your authority as their master. Order now and take your dominance to new heights.

Color: Brown, Pink, Red, Blue, White
Handle: wood
Paddle: inner-iron plate, outer-cowhide leather
Size: 12.6in/32cm
Package includes: 1 paddle

1 review for Rivet Spikes Leather Spanking Paddle

  1. Michael

    Bought this on a whim, and I’m very glad I did. The leather paddle is amazing and really added a whole new level to our play.

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