Gem Jewels Anal Butt Plug

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Why settle for ordinary when you can adorn and stimulate your derrière with the alluring Gem Jewels Anal Butt Plug? These sleek metal plugs don’t just provide pleasure; they sparkle, adding a touch of glamour to your intimate moments.

Our Gem Jewels Anal Butt Plug offers three distinct sizes, allowing you to embark on a tantalizing journey toward intense backdoor pleasure. It’s all about choice and comfort. Start with the Small anal plug, generously lubricate, and savor the titillating sensations as it delicately explores your erogenous zones.

As you insert the plug, watch as the colorful faux jewel at the base adds a flirty and playful touch. It’s more than a plug; it’s an accessory that showcases your sensuality.

Once you’ve mastered the Small size, you can graduate to the Medium and Large sizes, delving into more intense and thrilling anal stimulation than ever before. The smooth metal surface glides effortlessly, and the flared safety base ensures secure and easy navigation, giving you the freedom to explore your desires without worry.

One of the incredible features of this jewels anal plug is its capacity for temperature play. Metal is an excellent temperature conductor, which means you can heat or chill the plug for entirely new and exciting sensations. Discover the pleasures of warm or cool stimulation with ease.

Whether you’re new to anal exploration or an advanced player, this butt plug caters to your desires. Made from shiny, body-safe, polished aluminum, it’s not only alluring but also safe for your body. The nonporous surface ensures that it can be cleaned and sanitized to perfection, providing you with peace of mind and the highest standard of hygiene.

Choose your size, adorn your body, and embark on a journey to a world of ecstasy and elegance. Buy it now!

Material: aluminum alloy
Size(length x diameter):
S:  2.8×1.1″/70x28mm
M: 3.2×1.3″/82x34mm
L:  3.7×1.6″/95x40mm
Package includes: 1 anal plug

3 reviews for Gem Jewels Anal Butt Plug

  1. Ricky

    Honestly I have nothing but great things to say they are actually really high quality and it arrived about 5 days earlier than expected so that was a bonus

  2. Terry

    fast delivery look good finishing

  3. Hannah

    the size I got is perfect it’s not huge or uncomfortable it’s just nice for my man to look at when we play because he’s into anal and it was never something I had liked he was to big for me so I got torn and it took at least 2 weeks to heal because Everytime I used the restroom it torn even more overtime I’ve found ways to make in injoyable for both of us and this is perfect he lives it the second it got here he basically ripped my clothes off so I would give it a try it was my first plug and I absolutely love it also it feels nice to rub it on your cl*t while doing oral

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