Lolita Kitten Paw Pad Stockings

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Unleash your inner kitten and explore your playful side with the Lolita Cat Paw Pad Stockings, it’s a must-have item for all sissies who love to indulge in playful cosplay and feel the ultimate cuteness of a kitten.

These stockings are designed to help our femboys become the submissive, lovable cat of their master’s dreams. With the super cute 3D soft silicone cat paw pad at the bottom of the sock, you can add an extra touch of playfulness to your costume. The plus-size thigh-high design ensures that your legs look long and elegant, while the anti-slip design on the inside of the sock mouth keeps the stockings in place and prevents them from slipping down.

The stockings come with two different types of paw pads: Non-Fluorescent Paw Pad and Fluorescent Paw Pad. The fluorescent paw pad will emit a soft glow at night, adding a new level of fun to your role-playing game. You can also choose between black or white stockings, and multiple colors of paw pads to match your outfit.

These stockings are perfect for anyone who loves to engage in cosplay, especially those who enjoy playing the role of a kitten cat. They’re also great for those who simply want to add some cuteness and fun to their lingerie collection.

In addition to their playful design, these stockings are made with high-quality velvet fabrics that are both comfortable and durable. You’ll love the way they feel against your skin, and you’ll appreciate how long they last, even after repeated use.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to indulge in your wildest cosplay fantasies. Order your Lolita Kitten Paw Pad Stockings now and experience the ultimate in cuteness and fun!

Material: elastic velvet
1#: White Stockings With Non-Fluorescent Pink Paw Pad
2#: Black Stockings With Non-Fluorescent Pink Paw Pad
3#: White Stockings With Non-Fluorescent Fleshy Paw Pad
4#: Black Stockings With Non-Fluorescent Fleshy Paw Pad
5#: White Stockings With Fluorescent Pink Paw Pad
6#: Black Stockings With Fluorescent Pink Paw Pad
7#: White Stockings With Fluorescent Green Paw Pad
8#: Black Stockings With Fluorescent Green Paw Pad
Length 60-190cm/23.6-74.8in
Width 10-30cm/3.9-11.8in
Recommended Height: 155-180cm
Recommended Weight: 45-75kg

2 reviews for Lolita Kitten Paw Pad Stockings

  1. Robert

    Have had these for a while and ordered multiple pairs as I love them. They fit me very well and did not slip. Though they can take a bit to get used to on hard surfaces and once the a pad was coming off. However it hasn’t happened since and I fixed it with some fabric glue.

  2. Bill

    honestly super cute, i love the look ! they go well with most of my wardrobe so don’t worry about struggling to find the perfect outfit. the tips of the socks don’t fit my toes quite right but that could just be me. they’re obviously not made for walking either, so keep that in mind while wearing them.

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