Lace Sexy Wireless Pocket Bra For Breast Forms

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Unleash your inner allure with the Lace Sexy Wireless Pocket Bra for Breast Forms, a captivating masterpiece designed specifically for crossdressers seeking the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Step into a world where your desires are met with unparalleled precision and embrace the enchantment that awaits.

Specially crafted for the seamless insertion of breast forms, this Lace Sexy Wireless Pocket Bra caters to the unique needs of crossdressers, providing an unrivaled level of stability, safety, and comfort. With its innovative built-in pocket design, the breast forms are effortlessly inserted, ensuring a secure and natural fit that avoids displacement and prevents accidental detachment. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your feminine silhouette will remain intact, allowing you to confidently navigate through any scene life presents.

Embrace a new level of freedom with the absence of steel rings. This wire-free design allows for unrestricted movement, enabling you to carry yourself with poise and grace. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional bras and revel in the liberating sensation that accompanies each wear. Whether you’re engaging in social activities, strutting your stuff on stage, or simply enjoying a day of self-discovery, this soft cup pocket bra will empower you to embrace your true self without compromise.

The fabric selection is nothing short of exquisite. Adorned with a sexy and intricate lace pattern, this pocket bra merges sensuality with elegance, adding a touch of allure to your ensemble. Let the soft, breathable cotton lining cradle your skin, ensuring optimal comfort for long-term wear.

Personalize your fit to perfection with adjustable shoulder straps and four rows of adjustable back buckles. Take control of your comfort and support as you find the ideal configuration for your unique body shape. The versatility of these adjustments ensures that the wireless pocket bra molds seamlessly to your curves, enhancing your natural beauty and providing a secure hold that keeps you feeling confident throughout the day or night.

Experience yourself standing before a mirror, bathed in soft lighting, as you slip into the sexy wireless pocket bra. Feel the delicate lace pattern gently brush against your skin, accentuating your curves and highlighting your femininity. Adjust the straps and buckle the back, finding the perfect fit that makes you feel like the most captivating version of yourself.

This wireless pocket bra can perfectly match our Teardrop Silicone Breast Forms. As long as the cup size of the silicone breast forms you choose is one of the sizes A to D, you can find a matching bra here.

Buy it now and enjoy the comfort of your own. The Lace Sexy Wireless Pocket Bra will be your trusted companion. It’s not just a bra; it’s a symbol of self-expression, a testament to your unique journey. Indulge in its embrace and let your true allure shine forth.

Material: cotton, lace
Size Chart: please see the picture

2 reviews for Lace Sexy Wireless Pocket Bra For Breast Forms

  1. Kelley

    A beautiful product of high quality, the store was reliable, gave excellent service, highly recommend

  2. Clarence

    Excellent exactly as the picture.We live in an amazing time. Used to be cotton wool rags, now silicone

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