Inverted Cylinder Flat Chastity Cage

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The classical version to our metal chastity device family is here: Inverted Cylinder Flat Chastity Cage. This model has a unique negative cage design that’s specially made to fit professionals who explore the limits and want to maintain long-term chastity.

The cage tube is designed to invert inward and will compress your penis, so that prevents it from erecting. There is no escape—you’ll be locked up forever! The flat cage shape allows you to wear it with any jean or even dress with nobody noticing… Eventually nobody will know that there’s a dick under there, not even you. Get out your best sundresses for this, you finally can wear them without a stupid dick holding you back.

The design includes a removable stainless steel tube, and enables you to be able to urinate without taking off the chastity device, it allows for easy cleaning as well. This minus chastity cage keeps you in place, but doesn’t restrict your movement. Since it allows you to use the bathroom while it’s on, you won’t have to take it off for much. Part of pretending to be a girl instead of a pathetic sissy includes embracing the lifestyle. Ideally your partner controls every aspect of your unwanted dick, we’re sure you won’t mind. It’s not like you enjoy it.

Embrace your denial ways. This is just an easy way to lose your dick temporarily, buy the inverted chastity cage now and find out how much you really like being a submissive slave.

Color: Silver
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
Please see picture
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
55mm (2.17in)
Urethral plug size (Diameter x Length):
StyleA: 8x14mm (0.31×0.551in)
StyleB: 8x34mm (0.31×1.34in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 ring;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys
Optional: 1 stainless steel urethral plug

You can also choose our Elastic Nylon Waist Belt or Adjustable PU Leather Belt to perfectly support the cage, just click on Chastity Accessories, and we have prepared them for you.

If you’re more experienced in the world of chastity play, please be sure to try this latest and improved version of the inverted chastity cage. This upgraded design features the addition of a penis cup, providing enhanced security to ensure your precious member stays exactly where it belongs. No more slipping off, just pure, unrelenting challenge and satisfaction.

16 reviews for Inverted Cylinder Flat Chastity Cage

  1. Ross


  2. Scott

    It feels amazing, just amazing

  3. Roberto

    Great quality! If you are familiar with chastity devices, pick your standard size rings when you order. I do not recommend to order one size up.

  4. Samuel

    Be sure to pick the right ring. The product is amazing for it’s price.

  5. Larry

    one of the most comfortable cages I’ve ever worn!

  6. Ivan

    A good thing) instead of a flat interesting)

  7. Tim

    Very nice but does not allow to pee cleanly sometimes.

  8. Dwayne

    Unconventional shape that pushes into the body. After more than an hour of searching, the mounting position was found and comfortable to use.

  9. Richard

    I got the one-width cylinder version, no plug. I have not had good luck with plugs for long term wear so I avoid them. I like the design of this device and the rings with holes for straps are amazing. I sized the ring up 5mm from normal to account for the tight nature of the negative chastity cage and I think that was the right call. So far, everything is in good condition.

  10. David

    Highly Recommend super fast shipping

  11. Anthony

    fast delivery, I am satisfied with the item.

  12. Fidel

    Very good chastity cage, I ‘d probably buy another one again but another model

  13. Terry

    Great and easy to use. Catheter insertion is well lubricated. Then all is well. Take the goods with the belt. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. Everything came out. Fast delivery

  14. Willie

    my favourite cage, super restricted, smooth edges and heavy

  15. Isaac

    Great quality. Fits good and no sharp edges.

  16. James

    Perfect like in the discription! I really love the size of it and it’s so small there’s no bulge at all if it’s tight on the body.

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