Holy Trainer V4 Nub Super Small Chastity Cage

(10 customer reviews)


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If you’ve been searching for a male chastity device that’s humiliating yet royal at the same time, your search is over. Our super small chastity cage Holy Trainer V4 Nub is a perfect choice with its compact design and comfortable wearing experience. The sheer elegance of the bondage device commands awe and its tight sturdy structure allows no space for your fake manliness.

You’re aware that sexual abstinence is the only thing that your baby dick deserves. There’s nothing more satisfying for a chastitiy sissy slave than to see his mistress/master happy. Lock your slutty penis inside this super small bondage device and handover complete control over your cock and your sex life to your dominant. Fulfill your real purpose in life, which is to serve your key-holder and implore him/her for mercy and release. The idea of self denial or forced chastity can be intimidating to start, but it’s really intoxicating to say the least!

Made of natural resin, the micro chastity toy is super lightweight without compromising on its strength. It has a classical brass magic lock with 2 keys and comes with 4 testicular rings of varying sizes. It’s wonderful for the beginers to try these sizes rings during the training session until finding the right one. What makes it even more awesome is that the super short cage ensures your flaccid baby dick snuggle into the small space with your urethra aligning to the slit opening, you can even pee standing up. And the tiny cage shows much less under clothing, nobody will notice it.

The beautiful chastity cage is extremely easy to clean; simply wipe it with some spirit or use any good quality spray cleaner for sex toys. Available exclusively in three color variations: sissy pink, midnight black, and fully transparent – there must be one to drive you wild.

Order the Holy Trainer V4 Nub now and live out your dream life of a sub faithfully serving your mistress/master.

Color: Transparent, Black, Pink
Material: Bioresin
Cage size (Inner diameter x Length):
34x59mm (1.34×2.32in)
Ring size (Inner diameter):
36mm (1.42in)
40mm (1.58in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 4 different size rings;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

10 reviews for Holy Trainer V4 Nub Super Small Chastity Cage

  1. Bobby

    Excellent . The design is much improved and the quality is quite good. The thicker ring makes it safer from deformation. It is comfortable and holds well. I particularly have a hard time putting on the cage, maybe I’ll order a bigger ring. One day of use. I will give more details in the coming days.

  2. James

    It had to be sharp and inconvenient for some moments because when it is bent strongly it rests on the stomach

  3. David

    Great, some rings came a little bent but with hot water I could shape them better. Resin is awesome

  4. Tim

    Excellent item, solidly made and works as needed.

  5. Mitchell

    So, sharp edges are a concern, but easily fixed. This is 100% for smaller guys. I have tried the cbt2000 and others, but I would slip out. This is perfect for me. It’s snug in all the right places. The just perfect amount of tightness to remind me I’m not in control. I highly recommend and will update when I have been wearing it for awhile.

  6. Stanley

    The cage itself is very small and unforgiving, even for a smaller-than-average person like myself. That said, once I fully put it on, it was more comfortable than the other 3 devices I own (of various sizes). Because it doesn’t allow for any movement at all, there isn’t the usual shifting and pinching you get with a lot of cages. You can go out and move and exercise without worrying about sudden intense pain putting a crimp in your day.

  7. Billy

    Giving it 4 stars because it’s the most effective chastity lock of this type I’ve used. Was buying some of the longer cages and kept having turtling issues, making bathroom visits a complete mess. This short shaft was able to stop those issues while remaining an effective chastity device. Was very comfortable for the most part.

  8. Jeffery

    Accurate description, make sure to check measurement. Still, it is a bit wider (width wise?) than I imagined

  9. John

    Product exactly as shown and arrived on time. I have not tried yet, but will leave additional feedback as needed. Recommend seller.

  10. Matias

    I’ve been wearing The Nub for 3 days now and it’s totally changed my life. First, getting it on: my owner didn’t have any problems putting the penis sheath on since I am very small, the only issue was getting my scrotum through the largest ring. My owner had to lube the whole sack and get each ball through one at a time. Since The Nub was locked around my genitals, I’ve had a little pinching underneath my scrotum, but I’ve been allowed to keep it powdered. The plan is to keep it locked and remove it once a week. Dry it completely after a shower because you don’t want the lock to rust closed. It’s impossible to touch or move the penis while wearing. Also my owner told me The Nub will permanently shrink the penis due to atrophy and I have barely any to loose as it is.

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