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This FuFu Training Clip transcends traditional chastity cages by seamlessly concealing protrusions and preventing erections, while delivering a remarkably smooth and feminine aesthetic. If the traditional chastity cage is uncomfortable on your scrotum, then you must try this training clip.

We provide both Lite and Origial versions here. The Lite version of the FuFu Training Clip presents a refined alternative for individuals with limited scrotal skin. By eliminating the external ring, this iteration reduces bulkiness and offers a sleeker, more streamlined profile, ensuring unparalleled comfort and discretion. If you have a big sack, it’s best to choose the Original version with the external ring, which offers a robust solution without compromising on style.

Designed to mimic the contours of the female anatomy, the FuFu Training Clip discreetly restrains the penis and balls behind it, creating a flawless illusion of femininity. Unlike conventional chastity devices that may cause discomfort, this innovative clip provides a gentle yet effective means of chastity training, allowing you to embrace the desired gender identity with confidence and grace.

If you’re unsure about how to properly wear the training clip, fear not! Simply click on our another classic Original version training clip for a step-by-step guide on how to put it on.

Buy it now! Experience the freedom to be authentically you with the FuFu Training Clip – where elegance meets empowerment.

Color: Pink, Transparent
Material: resin
Size: please see the picture
Package includes: 1 training clip

4 reviews for FuFu Lite Training Clip

  1. Scott

    Fantastic quality. Good stuff. I like it.

  2. Peter

    the product was as described

  3. William

    Fits great! Feels so natural this way.

  4. David

    Works perfecktly

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