Anti-Pullout Cone Ring Chastity Cage

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Does a cocky cone seem like a good view to your eyes? We think that cocks are even more suppressible when locked in a cone-like cage that is owned by you. Hence, as you guessed, this product comes in a cone-like shape that is unique and classified to be ultra protection.

The cone shape ring design adds to the firmness of the cock and fixes it in the cage. So even if for once your trained sub misses out on the command and tries to shake the cock, the sub will miserably fail. There is no space for shaking and absolutely no scope for pulling out.

The cage ring has been thoughtfully designed with multiple holes on its surface to help you with full ventilation. It comes in a soft and sturdy nylon resin material making it lightweight and easy to carry. On top of this, you have the option to choose from the different cage types. All serve the same purpose but we cater to your needs and likings. The balls are easily visible below, so if you want to proceed with a little teasing, we won’t mind. Lock them up and tickle all you want, they would only pray they could get their freedom back!

Grab this anti-pullout, multifunctional and highly reliable cage right away and experience the claimed benefits as you set the day perfectly for them. Let them struggle to follow your commands and face the battle when they try to pull out. We promise you would not be disappointed.

Color: Black
Material: Nylon Resin
Ring size (Inner diameter):
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
55mm (2.17in)
Package includes:
1 cage; 1 cone shaped ring;
1 brass sliding lock+2 keys

5 reviews for Anti-Pullout Cone Ring Chastity Cage

  1. Benjamin

    fast delivery, I am satisfied with the item.

  2. Mario

    Complies with the description although the use is not as practical as expected. Rather a punitive cage than everyday. Especially since the space between the ring and the cage is smaller than with a classic ring.

  3. Oscar

    Wife put on for a day, without a key, there is no way to remove a hard toy but only for sessions not for constant wearing

  4. James

    I made a mistake, i should have ordered a L ring, the M is too small. Except that it s a nice item.

  5. Alexander

    Tricky to get on, but manageable and works well with the other cage.

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