Adam & Eve Jeweled Butt Plug With Curved Handle

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Dive into a world of sensual delight with the Adam & Eve Jeweled Butt Plug. This anal plug trainer set has been thoughtfully designed to offer an exceptional experience that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

The tapered head design of this butt plug allows for a gradual shift from small to large, ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable insertion process. It’s the ideal choice for anal training, allowing you to start with the small butt plug and progressively advance to the larger size as you embark on a journey of satisfying anal exploration.

The specially designed curved handle is a game-changer. It comfortably contours with your buttocks, eliminating discomfort during movement with the plug inserted. The discreet curve remains invisible underneath clothing, pants, or skirts, allowing you to relish continuous pleasure even during outdoor play. Additionally, the narrow shaft and handle combination ensures the plug remains securely in place, with a practical stopper that prevents any unwanted depth.

Adding a touch of elegance to your intimate moments, colorful faux gems embellish the handle’s bottom. Beyond pleasure, this plug also offers an element of visual attraction and sensuality.

The Adam & Eve Jeweled Butt Plug is crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy. Its odorless, smooth surface is a treat to touch and is exceptionally easy to clean. This plug is designed to leave no unpleasant odors or space for bacteria, promoting long-term use. With its ultra-smooth body, it can be thoroughly cleaned with a simple wash using soap and water, eliminating concerns of infections.

To elevate your pleasure even further, you can experiment with temperature play. Immerse the plug in cold water for a sharp, invigorating sensation, or warm it in hot water for a more soothing and relaxing experience.

This butt plug isn’t just for beginners; it’s a versatile companion that offers stimulation of the male prostate and G-spot, taking your intimate moments to the next level with powerful orgasms.

The Adam & Eve Jeweled Butt Plug invites you to explore new heights of pleasure, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience. Add it to your cart!

Material: aluminum alloy
Size: please see the picture
Package includes: 1 anal plug

3 reviews for Adam & Eve Jeweled Butt Plug With Curved Handle

  1. Nathan

    Just perfect! Size causes pleasant emotions. Good inserted, does not cause discomfort. Recommend)

  2. Willie

    Versatile and corresponding to the description.Very fun in games.

  3. Edward

    The shape of these is really nice, the slit design is easy to not interfere or poke cheeks.

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