Tube Top Lightweight Breast Forms For Crossdressers


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Gone are the days of cumbersome pocket bras – our tube top design eliminates the need for additional undergarments, offering a seamless and effortless wearing experience. With Velcro fastening at the back, slipping into these breast forms is a breeze, allowing you to focus on showcasing your charm and allure.

Crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone, the breast forms are not only soft and harmless to the skin, but they also boast a true-to-touch feel that rivals that of real breasts. Their elasticity and durability have been rigorously tested to ensure long-lasting comfort and confidence, even when used with various adhesives.

The extension towards the forearm provides a natural fullness to your chest, while simultaneously creating the illusion of smaller, more feminine shoulders. This subtle enhancement elevates your overall silhouette, leaving you feeling irresistibly attractive and empowered.

Inside, each breast form is filled with silk cotton, significantly reducing weight while maintaining the desired lift and shape. With a mere 30 ounces of weight, these breast forms can elevate your chest by an impressive 2.4 inches, giving you the perfect feminine curvature you’ve always desired.

Ideal for crossdressers, shemales, and drag queens alike, this Tube Top Type Silicone Breast Forms are the perfect accessory for achieving a flawless and feminine look. Whether you’re stepping out on stage or simply embracing your true self in private, these breast forms will enhance your confidence and leave you feeling fabulous.

Color: beige
Breast forms: food-grade silicone
Filled by: silk cotton
Size Chart: please see the picture
Package includes:
1 silicone double breast forms


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