Sheer Mesh Pocket Bra With Silicone Breast Forms Set


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Experience the epitome of femininity with our Sheer Mesh Pocket Bra With Silicone Breast Forms Set tailored especially for you. This all-inclusive set comprises a pair of exquisitely crafted triangular silicone breast forms accompanied by a versatile pocket bra, each element meticulously designed to elevate your cross-dressing journey to new heights.

Crafted from premium-grade, 100% silicone, these forms offer not only skin-safe and hypoallergenic properties but also boast a smooth, supple surface and a delicately elastic texture that mirrors the feel of natural breasts. With a lifelike bounce and jiggle, they swiftly regain their original shape after each movement, ensuring a natural and captivating silhouette. Available in a range of cup sizes from A to E, you can effortlessly find the perfect fit that complements your unique body type, enhancing your feminine allure with ease.

The translucent mesh pocket bra, the perfect partner to your silicone breast forms, is designed for ultimate comfort and adjustability. This bra features adjustable shoulder straps and a back buckle, allowing you to customize the fit to your exact preferences. The soft and breathable mesh material offers exceptional elasticity, ensuring a snug yet comfortable embrace that molds perfectly to your body. Slip your breast forms into the discreet built-in pocket, unfold them, and voila! You’re ready to embark on your cross-dressing adventure with confidence and grace.

With this set, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re donning a dress adorned with ruffles, a sleek blouse, or a daring V-neck top, the mesh pocket bra set seamlessly complements any ensemble, accentuating your femininity and allowing you to showcase your unique style with flair.

Add it to your cart now! Step into the spotlight and exude confidence as you embrace your true self, one captivating silhouette at a time.

Pocket Bra: beige, black, white
Breast forms: beige
Pocket bra: elastic mesh fabric
Breast forms: food-grade silicone
Filled by: liquid silicone gel
Size Chart:
Pocket bra: Bust 25.6-37.4″/65-95cm
Breast forms: please see the picture
Package includes:
1 pocket bra
1 pair of triangle breast forms


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