Sexy Stretchy Fishnet Big Buttock Bodysuit Dress

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Body suits are known to enhance the feministic features of any body. If you are a sissy male looking for more feminism around your aura or in your twerks and jiggles, we have something magnificent for you. A dress, a body suit, a body loving art, a see through design that sensate hidden sexual desires! This masterpiece of a work is available just for you.

The Sexy Fishnet Big Buttock Bodysuit Dress for every sissy boy is here! The way this fishnet dress envelopes your body is unbelievable. It delves onto your curves and holds tight on the top and the bottom. The many holes all over it leave more than enough space for your body to breathe, for your body to call for action. Have them tease you with their cock through the holes or their tongues, we bet you will be irresistible!

The fabric is beauty! It is soft, firm and one that makes you want to drape it again and again. What is more significant is the many colours and shades available to it. With no limitation or restriction on sizes available due to the highly stretchy fabric, the dress is available in an inclusive form, calling for all the body types to try it out.

Material: highly elastic nylon
Size Chart: one size for most
Height: 1.5-1.8m
Weight: 40-70kg

3 reviews for Sexy Stretchy Fishnet Big Buttock Bodysuit Dress

  1. Jamie

    My boy looks so good in this. Better yet, he likes it, so I win.

  2. Samuel

    amazing really recommend you if you want to spice things up

  3. David

    Super sexy and well I’m delighted

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