Self Adhesive Triangular Silicone Breast Forms

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Are you ready to enhance your feminine allure and embrace your true beauty with confidence and grace? Our Self-Adhesive Triangular Silicone Breast Forms will definitely provide you with a natural and captivating bustline that feels as soft and smooth as tender skin.

Crafted with care and precision, this triangular silicone breast forms are meticulously engineered to create straight, plump, and charming breasts that enhance your feminine silhouette and boost your confidence. Made from high-quality silicone, these breast forms offer a lifelike texture that mimics the look and feel of real breasts, ensuring a natural and seamless fit that complements your curves.

Available in two types, this silicone breast forms cater to your individual preferences and needs. The self-adhesive option features a layer of biological glue on the bottom, allowing the breast forms to self-adhere to your chest with ease. With the ability to adhere approximately fifty times, these self-adhesive breast forms provide a secure and comfortable fit that lasts throughout the day. For added support and stability, self-adhesive breast forms should be worn with a bra to ensure optimal comfort and confidence.

Alternatively, our non-adhesive breast forms offer a versatile and customizable option for you seeking a more personalized fit. These breast forms do not feature adhesive backing and are designed to be worn with an insertable pocket bra, providing a discreet and comfortable solution for enhancing your feminine silhouette. With their seamless integration into your wardrobe, non-adhesive breast forms offer the flexibility and freedom to express yourself authentically and confidently.

Whether you’re stepping into the world of crossdressing or simply embracing your sissy side, these breast forms provide a natural and captivating enhancement that complements your unique style and personality.

When it comes to caring for your silicone breast forms, proper maintenance is key to ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. After each use, gently clean the breast forms with a mild soap and water solution, being careful not to damage the delicate silicone surface. Once clean, the breast forms should be allowed to air dry completely before storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

To achieve the best results with your self-adhesive silicone breast forms, it’s essential to prepare your skin properly before applying them. Start by thoroughly cleansing the chest area with a gentle cleanser to remove any oils or residue that may interfere with adhesion. Once the skin is clean and dry, carefully peel the protective backing off the breast forms and position them on your chest, pressing firmly to ensure a secure bond.

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Color: beige, brown
Breast forms: food-grade silicone
Filled by: liquid silicone gel
Size Chart: please see the picture
Package includes:
1 pair of silicone breast forms

2 reviews for Self Adhesive Triangular Silicone Breast Forms

  1. Frank

    Good value and they fit in bras from two different brands. Not crazy about the nipple color, I wish it were less bold. With that said, I will probably buy a second pair so I can keep one in each bra at any given time, since they’re hard to remove from a bra that has a small opening.

  2. Michael

    Super comfortable, and best of all they look real!

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