Full Lace Stretch Femboy Thong

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You’ve been a great sissy lately, doing everything right. You deserve a little treat for being such a good boy. A new full lace thong is the perfect thing to motivate you to continue on this positive streak of yours. It’s a reward twice; once when you put it on, and again when you show your lover and have a night of fun in it. We’ve purposely designed it to be comfortable yet stylish.

We’ve achieved the comfort part by giving it a waistband that has superhuman levels of elasticity, you’ll never feel strangled around the waist while still allowing it a nice fit. After all, you deserve a nice experience wearing it (and a super cute thong to wear.) As you’ve seen from the photos, these panties have a partly hollowed design. It gives it a unique vibe, one probably unlike any you’ve ever seen. Enjoy the matured version of a sexy lace thong.

If we know anything about women’s panties, it’s that the little feminine details are the best part. We didn’t forget about that here. Using cute tiny bows we’ve achieved a pair of panties that truly make you embrace your feminine side. These put the fem in femboy. The lace helps of course. You can never go wrong with lace mixed with bows. No design is more gratifying as you invite your lover to see your almost completely fem body.

Think of the benefits, a nice pounding. A few compliments. A night of whatever your heart desires, all the while looking hot while doing it. Why are you stalling? There really is no downside when you think about it. (unless you count mild fatigue as one.)

Material: Lace and cotton
Size Chart: Please see the picture

9 reviews for Full Lace Stretch Femboy Thong

  1. Randy

    Thank you very much my order arrived before the deadline the wonderful product thank you🫂

  2. Vivaldo


  3. Jody

    Cute and the size is big enough, thanks!

  4. Scott

    A little small, but very cute. Looks as advertised.

  5. Shanelle

    Lovely panties. Nice quality lace. Very sexy. I think they might be the most comfortable ones I now own.

  6. Brandon

    Very comfortable

  7. Tracy

    Very good product the lingerie of good quality

  8. Charles

    I love them

  9. Jason

    they was great and came very fast

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