Cat Girl Sissy Maid Costume Dress

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Immerse yourself in a world of sensual surrender with our tantalizing Cat Girl Sissy Maid Costume Dress—a provocative ensemble designed to awaken your deepest desires and unleash your inner submissive.

Slip into the silky embrace of our dress, feeling its soft fabric caress your skin like a lover’s touch. The playful cat claws adorning the apron tease your senses, tracing delicate paths along your curves and sending shivers of anticipation down your spine. With each movement, the ruffle dress sways seductively, accentuating your figure and inviting exploration of your newfound femininity.

As you fasten the collar around your neck, adorned with a provocative bell, you feel a surge of excitement course through you. The gentle jingle of the bell serves as a reminder of your submission, a tantalizing invitation to surrender to your desires and embrace the pleasures of servitude. Whether you’re serving a dominant mistress or engaging in passionate role play with a lover, our Cat Girl Costume Dress becomes a symbol of your erotic empowerment—a tool for unlocking the depths of your desires and indulging in uninhibited sensuality.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of erotic discovery and sensual exploration? Order now and let the seduction begin.

Material: polyester
Size chart: please see picture
Package includes:
#1: Pink Dress+Apron+Headwear+Bows+Choker
#2: Light Pink Dress+Apron+Headwear+Bows+Choker
#3: Black Dress+Apron+Headwear+Bows+Choker
#4: Pink Dress+Apron+Headwear+Bows+Choker+Stockings
#5: Light PinkDress+Apron+Headwear+Bows+Choker+Stockings
#6: Black Dress+Apron+Headwear+Bows+Choker+Stockings

2 reviews for Cat Girl Sissy Maid Costume Dress

  1. Ernest

    love it, sissy pinky maiden suit goodness love it meow

  2. Vernon

    It’s very nice. The measurements adjust well. Good quality. I arrived very fast

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