Inverted Chastity Clip For Sissy Training


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Are you a trainy sissy maid and looking for ideas to surprise your mistress during the upcoming weekend party? Gone are the ball-catch chastity cages. Put on this Inverted Chastity Training Clip to get the smoothest finished front your mistress would love to see under the skirt. Similar to our classical Fufu Clips, this metal chastity device beauty mimics the smooth bulge of a female body. The clip has a nylon strap-on that secures the bulge while keeping the dick and balls in place. The curved shape of this clip fits the skin perfectly while securing the penis deep inside with a special penis cup and preventing it from erection.

Did you know that you can wear these clips for long hours comfortably? You read it right. Peeing in these clips is easy with the centre fitting into the pee hole just right. Wear the special clip under a micro mini skirt or a bikini, your feminized look is just too perfect for your mistress and her friends. You are sure to leave everyone surprised in your kinky maid outfit while you perform your chores during the party. Don’t forget to put on your best bra and panties with a pantyhose to show off that smooth bulge.

Clip material: 304 stainless steel
Clip size: please see picture
Strap adjustment range:
Package includes:
#1: StyleA Clip + Pink Strap
#2: StyleA Clip + Black Strap
#3: StyleA Clip + White Strap
#4: StyleB Clip + Pink Strap
#5: StyleB Clip + Black Strap
#6: StyleB Clip + White Strap


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