Electrical Stimulation Vibrating Chastity Cage With Butt Plug


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The night of sissy in chastity is nearing. The thoughts of what the mistress can demand tonight is sure giving twitches to the naked slut waiting at home. But whats a night without some erotic next level sissy training gift? This Urethral Electrical Stimulation Chastity Cage is your next dom toy. While you are away, send orders to your sissy to slip his cock into this new cage. The small chastity cage attached with solid electro shock urethral beads probe will leave the cock stinging.

Do you want to have some fun watching the sissy moan? Grab the power box and tap on the device to give different shock intensity vibrations. You may also set the chastity to auto mode. Give these shocks in intervals to leave your sissy curious of what will happen next. The good boi is rewarded with your juice dripping down the thighs.

Now demand your slut to turn around and bend forward. Pour in lots of lubricant onto your palm before you begin to stimulate the sissy butt. The sissy boi is completely submissive, moaning and begging for more pleasure. Give electric stimulation on both cock and ass with the chastity device with butt plug while your sissy continues to eat your pussy. Demand the sissy to enjoy the caged cock 24/7 till you bring in the next toy.

Chastity cage: stainless steel
Butt plug: zinc alloy
Power box: ABS
Size: please see the picture
Ring size (Inner diameter):
40mm (1.57in)
45mm (1.77in)
50mm (1.97in)
Package includes:
#1: estim chastity cage set+connection wire+power box
#2: estim chastity cage set+butt plug+connection wire+power box

Please note that the steel penis plug and wire are fixed to the cage and cannot be removed. The estim chastity cage set and butt plug set are connected to the power supply box via a seperate connection wire, which is included in the package.


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