Back Hollow-out Silicone Breast Plates Teardrop Fake Boobs


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Revel in the ecstasy of femininity with our alluring Back Hollow-out Silicone Breast Plate. This sensational fake breastplate is meticulously crafted from medical-grade silicone, guaranteeing skin-friendly comfort and a sensually soft touch. Indulge in the realm of realism as the silicone molds to perfection, boasting exquisite flexibility and unparalleled quality.

Experience the utmost jiggle and bounce with our meticulously designed teardrop breast forms. Crafted with precision, they provide the most realistic movement imaginable, giving you a truly feminine and captivating silhouette.The meticulously crafted nipples and areola mirror the real thing, effortlessly blending with your skin, leaving you breathless with the illusion of perfection.

This breastplate boasts a remarkable enhancement with its innovative back hollow-out design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it is an evolution from our previous version silicone plate, incorporating improvements to elevate your experience to new heights.The back hollow-out design not only enhances breathability, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience, but it also adds an alluring touch of seduction.

Made of our high-quality silicone material, this silicone breast plate is meticulously designed to prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Say farewell to oily inconveniences and revel in the flawless elasticity that gently caresses your skin. Choose from two filling options: silk cotton or silicone gel, allowing you to customize your experience and indulge in the sensations that best suit your desires. Its lifelike resemblance to real women’s breasts makes this breastplate ideal for cross-dressers, transgenders, cosplayers, and even drag queens.

This breastplate boasts a 1:1 mannequin design, ensuring unrivaled realism that seamlessly aligns with your body’s contours. Enhance your allure with pronounced collarbones that command attention, naturally elongated shoulders, and a chest shape that mirrors reality. The clarity of the collarbone’s line adds a captivating allure that is impossible to resist. Enjoy the freedom of double elasticity, liberating your neck from constraints and granting effortless wearability. With its remarkable tear-resistant properties, slipping into this breastplate is effortless and empowering.

Order now! With our discreet shipping, the contents of the box remain a tantalizing secret. Upon receiving your breastplate, prepare to be captivated by a masterpiece of artistry.

Color: European White, Beige, Brown
Breast forms: silicone
Filled by: silk cotton or liquid silicone gel
Cup size: B,C,D,E,G,H
Size Chart: please see the picture
Package includes:
1 silicone breast plate

Please note that the bra is only for display, not included in the package.


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